Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The Garrulous Bombast Friday Take Ten

You know how it is...the weekend's almost here, your brain has already checked out, and no one wants to do any work anyway. Time for a ten-minute break!

I don't know what it is, but I've been on a real kick of 8-bit nostalgia lately. It may have started with that song set to the Tetris music. Then may not have started with anything and may just be my natural state of being to be nostalgic for outdated technology that's still ridiculously fun so shut up with your cinema-quality CGI games and your newfangled body-motion controllers... Wait, where was I? Oh, you know what didn't help, by the way? Finding out about the show Code Monkeys (which you can stream instantly from Netflix, if anyone's interested). That show made me nostalgic both for 8-bit Nintendo games and being a programmer. :)

But ANYway. Today's ten-minute break is going to be a little open-ended, so..."ten-minute" is just a nominal phrase in this case. A little while ago I started keeping an eye on this geek blog in Philadelphia called...wait for it...Geekadelphia. Ahem. Anyway, in a recent post they pimped this web series called Living in 8 Bits, which is a collection of really short episodes, like a couple minutes long each, of a live-action interpretation of some goofball situation that you'd see in the 8-bit world. Now...I'm going to be honest, here, this isn't all five-star work. In fact...I'd overall lay down, like...a three? But the parts that hit really hit, so I found it worth the trouble.

Now...I'm as anal about watching things in order as anyone I know, so with that in mind, let me just point out that the order of these things really isn't important (with the exception of 13, which is a sequel to 11). Eric at Geekadelphia pushed Episode 16 - "Paper Route" as his favorite, and I won't disagree with the rec, as it had me howling at points. For my money, though, the best is Episode 10 - "Question Box." The aforementioned Episode 11 and Episode 13 are pretty good, too, as Twilight parodies involving -- no points for guessing this -- a member of the Belmont line.*

For the rest, you're on your own. For the remainder of your break, check out the episode list and surf around. Or just take 'em all in order if you like them; it won't take that long. I realize this isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea, so...the rest of you can go do something else for your break. I just want to do my part to help keep 8-bit love alive.

Happy Friday, everybody!


* All right...if you'll permit me a digression here, seeing those Belmont-themed shorts reopened an old wound for me. You guys remember Captain N? I, of course, loved that show as a kid, but it was one of the major disappointments of my youth that Simon Belmont was such a jackass. I could anyone with this theme music be a dick?! In my mind, Simon Belmont was one of the great heroes of his time, and he should have been represented that way. Not that Captain N necessarily did any favors for anyone else, like turning Mother Brain into Audrey II. Probably Link was the only one to come out smelling like a rose, and that was because he was such a dick on his own show. In any always burned that Belmont got such bad treatment on that show. If you want a refresher course and a bonus round to your break today, check out "Simon Belmont is a Douchebag."
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