Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Weekend break? I guess?

Dudes, I totally forgot to post a Friday Take Ten today. I'm holing up taking the day off, and it completely slipped my mind. I figure it's fine, because it's not like a traditional Friday today anyway, and I figure most people's weekends are already well underway. Yesterday was nice...Momz came to town, and she and metalepticfit and I all went out for dim sum, as tradition dictates. It was delicious. And then afterward I treated myself to a Vietnamese coffee, and I didn't die, so yay! And that's it. Today I've basically just been watching this weird TV show about Canadian spies. Rock on, everybody.

In any case...this is all I got for ya today. Because it came up over the football game gathering last weekend, please to enjoy this clip of Bill Gazes and an ill-fated athletic prop bet from the 2007 WSOP. Even if you don't follow poker, it's worth the watch anyway. Like in a Funniest Home Videos kind of way.

Anyhoo. Hope everybody's stuffed and comatose, or whatever. Being who I am, I hope everybody is not out shopping. ;) Regardless, though, everybody have (or continue having) a good weekend. Peace!
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