Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Every which way

Cats and kittens, this is just going to be a brief review of my last few days, because honestly I'm still kind of recovering and I kind of feel like my head is screwed on the wrong way or something. Anyway.

So. I don't follow sports at all, but if I ever do watch sports, it's football. By and large, when I watch a game, I don't really care who's playing or's enough just to see people running around and throwing things and smashing into each other and whatnot. To the extent that I ever do show much team preference, it's basically just based on my geography-of-the-moment, like cheering for the Raiders when I lived in the East Bay. Since the last several years of my life has been some combination of South Jersey and Philadelphia proper, that has put me squarely in Eagles country. So this past Sunday, when the (Philadelphia) Eagles played the (New York) Giants, it seemed like a good opportunity for James (kawaiiryuko) and I to get together, drink beer, and talk smack to each other over a regionally contentious football game. Which we did. In Atlantic City, probably as close as we could get to neutral territory. It was actually a foursome...myself and three Js: James, June, and jammie718. (I actually had a different abbreviation worked out, but...well, the less said, the better.) At any rate, we caught a couple games, a lot of conversation, a little food, a little beer...all around good times! And astoundingly I made it in and out of town without playing a hand of poker. Unlike my compatriots, I also managed to make it out of town without tangling with a mechanical bull (Jesus, people). I did, however, have one cigarette. But no regrets! And then I glommed on to a free ride back up to New York, which takes me to phase two...

So the extended Milliwave household here in Philly actually also includes a medical student in Brooklyn. It came to pass that said med student wanted some studying help, and since, as we know, I'm not doing shit these days, I said I'd come help out. So after sacking out on a couch in Jammie's basement (which was like this awesome throwback to the old days, by the way), I made my way out to Brooklyn to try and run quizzes And cancer? I dunno, dude. All I know is, med students have to memorize some pretty crazy shit. And I'm not even taking the damn test, and I still walked away from that experience knowing that a treatment for Burkitt's lymphoma is cyclophosphamide, an alkalyting agent which may cause hemorrhagic cystitis unless prevented with Mesna. And I don't even know what those word mean, man! But at least it was fun getting to sound like an episode of House for a while.

Anyway. So I spent a couple days in Brooklyn keeping weird med student hours. Then some mildly problematic pre-Thanksgiving travel back to Philly, then a hard crash, and that brings me back to today. Guys, I have to tell you, I was woefully underprepared for that scale of a trip. Like I hadn't packed a toothbrush or a change of underwear...that kind of underprepared. So I had a grand ol' time scrubbing off the travel grime, and then just to keep the ol' hygiene train a-rollin', I also did a bunch of laundry this morning. Then I did a whole lotta nothin' for most of the rest of the day except run errands.

So that brings me to now. I'm mildly out of it and not a hundred percent sure, but I think Momz is coming up tomorrow for a low-key Thanksgiving. Other than that, I don't think I have much in the way of plans for the holiday weekend, which is just the way I like it. So! A little social engagement tomorrow, some serious vegging over the weekend, and then back to life next week. Sounds good? Sounds good.

Peace out, party people. Happy Thanksgiving!
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