Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Little slip

Well, it looks like I managed to miss my "blog-post-a-day" goal yesterday. In my own defense, such as it is, my already meager productivity took a severe downturn as I got sucked into the (admittedly hilarious) vortex of watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? clips on YouTube. I was totally unprepared for dealing with the endless supply of yuks. In fact, beyond not producing any output yesterday, I really didn't do much interfacing with the 'Net at all, which means I'm spending much of today playing a little catchup.

What caught my eye is that two completely disparate sources I try to keep up with (this movie review and the news box for this Dinosaur Comic) both used the phrase "does exactly what it says on the tin," a cliché so notable that it has its own Wikipedia page. I feel it's worth pointing out that neither of these people is British, though Tenebrous Kate is intensely Euro-friendly and Ryan North is Canadian, know.

At any rate...aside from the whole YouTube thing, I managed to waste most of yesterday watching DVDs and walking back and forth from the post office. And, yes, no points for guessing that those two activities were related through the magic of Netflix. See...I got it in my head that I should try and get as much Netflix as I could into yesterday's mail to try and get things moving before the holiday. (I dunno, man...I fixate on weird stuff sometimes.) Anyway. So I watched some Leverage (or, as I now fondly think of it, Parker Porn) in the morning, and then I went out to mail it, and when I got back home, an incoming DVD had arrived, and I realized I had enough time to sit and watch it and then run it out to the post office in time for the evening pickup. Then while out on these various sorties, I always managed to splinter off onto some side errand. And then, even with all that, I still managed to avoid the grocery store, so I made another run that night, at which I bought...a head of cabbage.

I swear to FSM, some days I just don't know what I'm doing.

Oh, also! On that grocery store trip...there's this one intersection that's kind of a popular loitering know...subway entrance, bodega, smoke shop... Anyway, when I walked past that area, there was this hipster standing on the street corner playing a didgeridoo. I had one of those weird moments where you kind of have to stop yourself from doing a double-take. Like...if you look back...whether you saw what you thought you saw or not...neither one is really a good option.

Anyway. So doing some online catchup today. It's Veterans Day, which is much weirder for me now than when I was younger, because now some of my friends are veterans. But in any case, I don't have anything lined up for the holiday...because, let's face it, every day is a holiday for me these days. I suppose I could somehow find it in me to get even less done than usual. Yeah...let's try that.

Peace, everybody. And I mean that!
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