Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

One more thing...

I was just reminded that there was something I forgot to put on that list yesterday of things to do to better my lot. So here's yet another layer in my life sandwich:
  • Fewer belongings - This is something that I always "mean to get around to," especially when I move, and I just never seem to be able to pull the trigger. Recent events, though, have kinda given me a leg up by removing video games from the equation, so...maybe it won't be such an emotional barrier to ditch some more stuff. This has been brewing for a while now, and I especially thought a good opportunity to get a jump on things in this direction would be when I've got all this time on my hands between jobs. So, yeah...a lot of things have apparently come together to give me the chance to slough off a lot of excess baggage.

In other news...I upset anarchists everywhere today by heading down to the polling place and casting my meager votes. I am perennially disappointed by the voting experience. I expect grand, palatial monuments to democracy and great carnival crowds of people out rallying and celebrating the magic of self-governance. Instead I'm usually treated to a few desultory senior citizens milling around a high school cafeteria or something. Philly, though, livened it up for me extra special with the staircase around back leading down to the janitor's closet in the basement of the local homeless shelter. Rock the vote, everybody!

Anyway. I'm gonna cut this short for now, because suddenly there's a dude here bolting the window bars back into place, so I'll go hang with that for a bit. Carry on.
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