Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The damage's the next day. I am no longer enraged. Things are not exactly looking rosy, but hey. At least I'm resigned. So here's more or less the deal.

I'm assuming two people, so I'm going to go with "they." It looks like they broke in through a first-floor window that accesses the dining room and faces a kind of weird back alleyway next to the house. Don't congratulate me on being Columbo or was pretty easy to pick out the window whose iron bars were hanging off the wall. See...we have iron bars over all the windows. This is West's just how we roll. But these enterprising humans apparently actually shoved the brackets holding the bars in place right out of the wall. I mean...there's not a lot you can do about that, you know? We're talking bolts forced out of the wood that they're anchored into. The window opens out into a pretty secluded little area away from general view of the street and all that. So it goes.

All told, they got both my bike and our landlord's bike, which were parked in the dining room. A third bike in the same room was left behind, though, which is why I'm making the guess that there were two people. They got a flatscreen monitor that was hanging out in the living room as part of a computer restoration. They got my PS2 but, in a move that I actually took as an insult, they left behind the GameCube that was next to it. :P They then added another layer of insult by making off with my whole video game library which, if you're keeping score, means that although they left the GameCube, they took all the games, so basically they left the 'Cube behind for me but turned it into a doorstop. Lastly, in a move of absolutely brutal irony, they took a shipping box that was hanging around in the living room that contained -- wait for it -- the alarm system we were going to install. :P

All told, things could have been much, much worse. I'm not going to cry too hard about the outdated gaming console or my multiple copies of Hitman 2. Losing the bike is, of course, a terrible blow. But not nearly the blow that losing the computer would have been. No mischief damage, no harm to persons, and hopefully nobody stuck my toothbrush up their ass. I am now, of course, intensely interested in offsite data backups, and also possibly the setting of ingenious booby traps in my room. I'm not...that bothered by the violation aspect. I mean, I am, but I don't personally believe that this is going to set a precedent or anything. I may well be wrong, but...shit, you can only do so much, and you just have to get on with life, right? I remain quite pissed, but of course that never does anyone any good and, let's face it, it's pretty much been my default mode of late anyway.

Being jobless and broke adds the extra little sting to being burglarized, of course, but I'm actually oddly tranquil about it. It's like...oh, well, I guess that's just another couple of items on that list of shit I need to buy that I don't have money for. So I dunno, man. Sometimes I feel like things just keep getting harder. I was actually thinking about that a little today on my morning walk. I feel like there's something to that "when it rains, it pours" thing. Like...when things go well for me, they go pretty well. I'm thinking specifically of being a young hotshot dotcommer with a cushy programming gig and not a care in the world. My most successful professional time, to be sure, with all the amenities, and I didn't even need to tap that medical insurance or anything, you know? Then later on, a little more down and out dealing in a casino part time and my heart explodes. A few years later, underemployed in that warehouse or just straight-up jobless, dropping a couple grand at the dentist because my molars are falling apart in my head, and my fucking house gets robbed. At first I was thinking, "Well, also things were probably going so well ten years ago because you were so young and spry." I mean, that's basically me in my prime, you know? But then...just a couple years before that, even, and I was part-time temping living in the Crack Den in Brooklyn and that's when I had that abscess-in-the-ER adventure, for any of you reading this who remember that. So, whatever. There might be something to that or there might not. Probably not. I'm just sayin'...when things are hard, they're hard. You can take that to the bank, at least.

So what's next? Not a whole fucking lot, I'm pretty sure. Life goes on. My attempts to turn over a new leaf last week were...well, largely fruitless. I mean, I am who I am. But something has got to change. I'm sitting here rotting away, and the only person who can do anything about it is a lazy sack of shit who apparently can't get it together even when, and I mean this fairly sincerely, his life depends on it. Maybe he'll do better now that his PlayStation has been taken away.

One hopes, anyway.

I'll catch you people on the other side. Despite how things are going on this end, I do hope that everybody's having a happy Halloween with lots of...I dunno, candy and costumes and debauchery and such. I'm pretty sure I'm taking today off. Like, from the world. Oh, but tomorrow, son...tomorrow. Tomorrow I tear chunks out of life by the fucking handful, kid. And I make those chunks into sandwiches. And then I eat them. That's right; you heard me. I eat them. I eat life sandwiches.

But that's tomorrow. Today I'm just me. But less.
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