Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The Garrulous Bombast Friday Afternoon "Take Ten" Break and Contest

It's Friday, it's nearly Halloween, and it's time to take ten minutes for an Internet video break.

For thirty seconds of reference, watch this. Then, for three-and-a-half minutes of Swedish power pop and pure audiovisual wonder, watch this.

And then, if you're in the mood for some bonus content... At around 2:20 of that second vid, there's a clip of a dude in headphones spazzing out. Because my brain works the way it does, I recognized the clip and thought it might be worth digging out again. So, if you haven't already had the pleasure, enjoy the Numa Numa guy.

And then, if you've done all that in a relatively speedy manner, you might have a minute or two left in your ten-minute break. How about a contest?

In wanting to track down that Numa Numa video, I didn't actually remember the phrase "Numa Numa" or anything like it. Instead, I typed three ordinary English words into a Google video search, and they, rather surprisingly, actually, led me straight to the video I was looking for. Can you guess the three words? You get five tries. Here's how to enter: Post a comment to this blog entry containing five words. The first person to post a superset of my three-word search query wins the contest! I think for the moment I've run out of random postcards, so I don't have a set prize just now. Prize to be determined later, contest will close...oh, let's say midnight Eastern. You can only enter once, so...make it count! Good luck, everybody!

And happy Friday!
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