Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Back in the saddle

Did you know that bicycle people call the seat the "saddle"? That was a new one on me back when.

Anyway. So this afternoon I dragged metalepticfit out biking with me, because I haven't been on a decent ride in quite some time, and also we haven't spent any quality time together for quite some time (excepting this past Friday, which I'll get to later), so I figured it was a good way to kill two birds with one stone. There are two primary routes I use for rides around here. My favorite is the one called Forbidden Drive (aka the one that runs alongside Wissahickon, if you know what I mean), which I've blogged about before, which is nice for a quick, scenic, and not overly challenging outing. When I'm in the mood for a much longer trip, I try heading to Valley Forge. Both of these destinations take advantage of the Schuylkill Trail, so I was thinking today of maybe trying a different direction or location, just to shake things up a bit. It turned out that, no, that wasn't going to happen, but it was a satisfying experience anyway. :)

For starters, we headed to a new destination for me, specifically a nearby Ikea (not the one in Philly...I guess Conshohocken? Plymouth Meeting?). Jeff is the only person I know who makes an outing of just heading Ikea for lunch, but...well, there you go. Beyond the novelty of the destination, though, was that he also took me along an alternate path along the Schuylkill Trail, a neat little sometimes-boardwalk-sometimes-towpath alongside a strange little greenish canal. Honestly I'm not altogether sure what the path is next to, but the salient point is that following this offshoot not only bypasses much of the city streets in Manayunk, it also bypasses some of the bigger hills in that area, which is a big deal for me. destination, and kinda new path,'s all good to me.

My bike has gone through a couple slight changes since the last time I went on a ride of any significance (that is, not just tooling around town), so I was happy to see that everything went smoothly. For one thing, my rear tire was wearing down to pretty much nothing, so I had picked up a new tire at a local bike shop's going-out-of-business sale. The new tire is much bigger and bulkier (read: more sturdy, but also heavier) than my last tire, so I get to feel a little better along rugged stretches at the expense of towing more weight around. (But honestly, who cares -- I'm a fat guy on a I'm really going to care about an extra ounce of rubber on my wheel?) The other thing, though, is that I'm running around these days with mismatched pedals. I mentioned in passing a little earlier that I'd broken another bike pedal. Thankfully, this past experience wasn't as traumatic as my first broken pedal, but the effect was much the same in that I was down one pedal and, therefore, down one bike.'s the interesting part. The first pedal I broke was my left pedal, and as we may or may not recall, that was after I had replaced my original set of pedals, so I took the "new" set off and put my original pedals back on. So...the pedal I broke this time around was from my original set, but it was the right-hand pedal, just happened that I still had the right pedal from my replacement set, so I just wrenched that bad boy in so I could continue to use my bike. (Originally the intent was to get things together enough to bike down to the store and get a new set of pedals, but...somehow that hasn't ended up happening just yet. ;) ) Now...this wouldn't be so bad, except that my replacement pedals are like from a whole new alien world of pedals. It's big and blocky and yellow, and the platform is made largely of giant rotating black plastic cubes. So, yeah...looks a little different than my other pedal. ;) Anyway...for all the cosmetic difference, it seems to ride fine, so...I guess I have no super-compelling reason to change things up until another pedal breaks, but...still. I feel weird about having two different pedals. It's like running around wearing one sneaker and one dress shoe. But, you know. You do what you can.

Anyway. So that was my getting-out-of-the-house activity today. On Friday, Momz came down to visit so she, Jeff, and I headed to Chinatown and had dim sum, which was excellent. Our first choice of restaurants, once we got there, turned out to be completely gutted for renovation, so we had to strike out for new territory. We ended up at a place that we hadn't tried before, but it's generally really crowded, so that's always a good sign. The food was actually quite delicious, and in keeping with what is apparently a pretty solid inverse law of restaurant eating around these parts, the customer service was terrible. :) But if I have to choose a place on that spectrum, that's certainly the end I'd want to be on.

Anyhoo. Overall, pretty good times this weekend. I'm informally considering this the end of "vacation" time, so next week I make a concerted effort to buckle down, not screw around so much, and try to do what I can to get work. Boo! We'll see how that goes. Probably as well as anything tends to go when your heart isn't in it. We shall see. Smell ya later, everybody. Peace!
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