Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Today's unhappy thing

So some right bastard brought some boxes of takeout fried chicken on the train today during my commute home. God, it smelled so fucking good. And then he took some out and ate some! Right there in front of me! I got so hungry, I wanted to gnaw my own arm off. I may have actually done it if I thought it might taste anything like fried chicken.

Anyway. These days I'm living on an incredibly strict (and reduced) budget, and I'm actually saving quite a bit of money on food, which I've been very happy about. Plus I'm eating healthier these days, which does actually entail a lot less meat, but more importantly, certainly it entails not eating ghetto fried chicken. At any rate. I made it home, and I ate my lentil gruel, and I liked it, but shit, man. I almost broke discipline today over crappy fried chicken. Some things...some things just cut right to the core of you, you know?

* * *

So you may notice that I'm so far failing to not post during the week. I'm doing this as kind of a way to mark my place daily...and also to not fall completely off the world. I need a little something to just...I dunno...hook me into the world outside of work. So, uh...we'll see how that goes. I'd say most of these posts can be ignored.

Laterz, gators.
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