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Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everybody. And the Friday before a holiday weekend, no less, at least in these here United States, so that makes it kind of an uberFriday. Anyway...I thought I might chime in here with another Garrulous Bombast Friday Morning Challenge, although a little different and less formal this time. Firstly, I'm not going to have a caption contest. Secondly, basically I'm just trying to tap the brain trust for a little amusement, because...well, I'm just like that sometimes.

Okay, so...remember my recent "Barney Stinson, Action Hero" dream? I mentioned in the writeup that it appeared to be one of those buddy action flicks, except that instead of the mismatched-but-equally-capable-partners type, it was the one-competent-partner-and-one-incompetent-partner type. the time, in my mind, that seemed like a thing. But is that really a thing? I feel I can picture the trope in my mind, but when I actually sat down to come up with examples, I came up kind of dry.

The only thing that really came to mind off the top of my head was Stallone and Rob Schneider having to team up in Judge Dredd, and even that is kind of weak, since it was more of just a bit and not even what the movie was about. I started poking around online to try and find references to this genre, or even just lists of buddy films to help jog my memory. There was that modernization of I Spy with Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy, which...I basically can vaguely recall seeing, but don't remember much of, so I don't think it could have been all that. I remember really enjoying The Rundown (the Rock and Sean William Scott) which I think falls into this category. Maybe the greatest and most recent example would be Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Hot Fuzz. I say "greatest" in the sense of "most enjoyable," though I go back and forth on how it fares as an actual example of the subgenre. The films centers on Angel (Pegg), and though Butterman (Frost) is painted as incompetent, it seems like it's just around for the occasional gag and not there throughout the film.

Anyway. The point this a thing? What do you guys think? Any examples come to mind?

* * *

Here's the bonus fallout. When I was hopping around on lists of buddy movies, I came across a little something that was shockingly new to me. I wasn't shocked because of my in-depth knowledge of the cinema, because I haven't any, but more because this particular film came out in 1989, which is kinda right in my pop culture wheelhouse, and because it is a non-Karate Kid film which stars, wait for it, Pat Morita. How is it in any way feasible that not only have I never seen this movie, but I can't remember even having heard of it? (It turns out, for reasons that may soon become clear, that although the movie did come out in '89, it actually wasn't released in the U.S. until '92, but even then it went straight to video.)

"But, Rob," you say, "Wasn't this on a list of buddy movies?" Indeed it was, gentle reader, and right you are to wonder who could possibly play alongside Pat Morita in the late 80s, in the midst of his Mr. Miyagi-ness. Let me try to help you out: the fully qualified genre title would probably be "Buddy Cop Action-Comedy." Also, it's fair to say that this would fall under the East-meets-West trope. I want you to form a picture in your mind of who you might cast in the partner role.

Give up? It's Jay Leno.

What. The. FUCK.

So, yes. The film is called Collision Course, and this is its poster. And not only did that title rocket to the top of my Netflix queue faster than an Okinawan crane kick to the face, but I actually briefly considered upgrading my account right then just so the movie would be sent out before I had to sit through this Citizen Kane crap first.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There is no way this can be bad.
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