Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Metric Century and Kinetic Sculpture Derby

It's been a pretty busy time over here lately in the Bicycle Province of Robland.

Yesterday, Friday, Jeff and I went out for another long ride. Not only did we blow through Valley Forge this time, but we took that offshoot Pokémon Perkiomen Trail and headed all the way out to a place called...I think it's like Schwenksville, but in my mind it's Swanksville. In any case, this was our first time giving the Pokémon Trail a lengthy tryout, and it's a pretty crazy setup. Most of it is gravel, I'd say, but the parts that are paved are generally either crossing a city street or else winding through some people's back yards or something. Much of the gravel portion, at least the part that runs alongside Perkiomen Creek, is a very scenic ride through a pretty thickly wooded area. For some of it, though, what it supplies in scenery, it kind of also supplements with fright, as the trail becomes just a levelled-off path with a sheer drop on either side. On the one side, you have a steep drop down into a rocky and wooded ravine. On the other, you basically have the same thing, except you also fall in a river. I remember biking down those stretches thinking that if I ever lost my traction or anything on that trail, that would just be like instant death. What was funny, though, was that it made those "PLEASE STAY ON THE BIKE TRAIL" signs pretty superfluous. Believe me, I was going out of my way to please stay on the bike trail.

Anyway. This trail also featured occasional info booth kind of setups with trail maps and such, and it also posted distances between various checkpoints. So while we were resting in Schwenksville, I noticed that the distance between that stop and the part where the Pokémon Trail hits the Schuykill Trail was listed as 11.25 miles. If you call Valley Forge about a 20 mile ride from Philly, that means 31.25 miles out to where we stopped and turned back. So a round trip is looking like in the neighborhood of 62.5 miles, which just happens to make a nice round 100 kilometers. A little while back, Jeff told me that that biking distance is known in the parlance as a "metric century," which I think sounds totally awesome and badass. So I just wanted to post and commemorate my first metric century bike ride. Yay metric century!

Dudes and dudettes...I was so broken after that trip. I mean...we weren't purposefully pushing for top speed or anything, but I kinda led at a little bit of a fast pace on the way out there, and Jeff, who was sporting a new, higher gear, was burning up the way back...anyway, we made pretty decent time, all told, but by the time we got back to Philly, we were both totally wrecked. After getting home and shaking off the initial shock, I kind of sat immobile for a very long time and nursed a smoothie. I think Jeff took a nap. I was just spent and sore and was very happy to not move at all. Good times! I slept very muchso last night.

Anyway...I figured today I might spend not moving around much at all, but ironically this was not to be because today was the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby right here in Philly. That's one of those things where people build, like...basically giant bicycle-like floats?...and parade them around a street fair and stuff. You probably know what I'm talking about. Anyway, so I had forgotten that that event was today, but Jeff reminded me this morning, so off we went to that. It was really fun! There were a lot of neat contraptions being peddled around, and the parade ended with people trying to motor through this mud pit, can imagine the hilarity that ensued there. Despite a small amount of drizzle and almost being killed by a jackass in a Range Rover on the way home, that was a pretty nice outing to have today. Yay kinetic sculpture derby!

So the site of the parade was about a 7-mile ride from our house, so that means over the last two days, we've biked over 75 miles. Sick! I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing, sedentary rest of the weekend. Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later!
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