Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Dental update

So I'm realizing I don't have a tooth icon. Which is just as well, because I hope to not be needing one on a regular basis. So I went with bowels. Because...I have my head up my ass? Or something?


So I'm gonna keep this short.

Basically I have (had) a molar that's falling apart. This particular tooth has caused trouble for me, off and on, for probably like...ten or eleven years now, not counting the original filling from when I was a kid that kick-started this whole thing. Anyway, it's super falling apart now, so we're at the point where the only recourse, short of yanking it, is pretty much just to put a crown on it. Before that, though, I gotta get the ol' root canal. Which is what I did this morning.

So the good news is that after a couple hours in the chair, I'm back home now and sensation is starting to return to my face. By all accounts, the procedure went well. The bad news is that, upon excavating the dig site and everything, the dentist discovered that what remains of my original tooth is not exactly the shape he thought it was based on the x-rays from a few days ago. So the upshot of this is that before I can get the crown, I have to make a special periodontist visit to get extraneous tooth chunks lopped off and...I dunno, demons exorcised or something. So that's gotta get done. And then I gotta go back in for the cap. And then I think this round of madness will be over.

So, yeah. The saga continues. I'm totally taking today off and wallowing. Peace!
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