Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

I always suspected

So. Many of you probably read the xkcd webcomic. Less of you probably read the xkcd blog. If you did, you'd know that recently the dude in charge over there put up this eye-bleeding survey that has you view and name more colors than easily fits within a person's sane capacity for viewing. (Although the results will no longer count, you can get the gist of the thing here). In any case, the results of the survey were detailed in today's blog entry. Much like xkcd overall, the post is a somewhat engaging mix of smart and funny. But here's the part that really touched me:

Here are the color names most disproportionately popular among women:
  1. Dusty Teal
  2. Blush Pink
  3. Dusty Lavender
  4. Butter Yellow
  5. Dusky Rose

Okay, pretty flowery, certainly. Kind of an incense-bomb-set-off-in-a-Bed-Bath-&-Beyond vibe. Well, let's take a look at the other list.

Here are the color names most disproportionately popular among men:

  1. Penis
  2. Gay
  3. WTF
  4. Dunno
  5. Baige

I ... that's not my typo in #5 —- the only actual color in the list really is a misspelling of "beige". And keep in mind, this is based on the number of unique people who answered the color, not the number of times they typed it. This isn't just the effect of a couple spammers. In fact, this is after the spamfilter.

I weep for my gender.

As do I, Randall. As do I.

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