Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Slow progress

Howdy do, everybody. It's been about two weeks without a post, and I definitely know there was stuff happening that I was going to blog about in that time. I just never seem to have gotten around to it. So...general update? I guess?

I got kinda sick before/over the weekend -- some kind of cold, I think. It peaked on Friday where I was basically useless for the day, and I think I'm over it now, which is good, but unwelcome development. I think it's just one of those things that goes with moving to a new locale; you just have to pick up a bug at some point. :) It's just a little microbe welcome party, that's all.

I haven't gone on any lengthy bike rides in a while, despite initially thinking I could make it a weekly thing. Although...the other day I was out riding errands and found I'd gotten a flat, so that was unfun. Luckily, one of the first bike things I had metalepticfit teach me when I got out here was how to fix a flat and patch an inner tube, so after I'd finished my errands and got back home, I did my first solo inner tube fix. Also I pulled an as-yet-unidentified sliver of metal out of my tire, so at least I found the culprit. Took the bike out for a spin yesterday, so it looks like the patch job is holding, at least for now. Yay!

I've been trying to keep up with the cooking these days, but I haven't really broken any new ground or anything. I still pretty much center around the boiling of the legumes. I've tried a few baked goods recently, so that seems to be going okay, though I'm getting used to a whole new oven and all that. I dunno, man...home ec is a lot less exciting to write about than it is to actually accomplish. :)

I've been kinda halfheartedly looking for work. I sent out one app recently that I was actually kinda excited about...part time data entry type stuff for this local nonprofit. No word back yet, though, I've picked up a small pro bono project for another nonprofit, just to try and kinda sharpen up the old web skillz...which, it turns out, have gotten migh-tee dull over the years I've been away. Who knew. ;) So I've been coping with trying to re-orient myself with this whole new world of technology. It's been kinda strange, honestly. It's like coming back to your hometown after a long absence and finding that everything's been torn down and replaced with skyscrapers and chain stores. Like the shape of the roads is more or less familiar, but the scenery and shops have all completely changed. Everything's so...modern and done. Is this even still the same city any more?

Anyway, so things are just plodding along over here. I've been engaging in all kinds of paperwork to get myself established in Philly, so some of that is starting to come through now, which is nice and reassuring, in its way. I mean...I gotta exist if I've got the paperwork to prove it, right? :) Today, life on paper. Tomorrow, life in the world? We shall see.

Peace, everybody! Smell ya later.
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