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Life so far

Dudes, dudettes, various Internet persons...

As may be apparent, I haven't really fallen into much of a rhythm yet regarding my new life in Philly. Or, at least, I don't seem to have found a rhythm that includes blogging, which I guess is not the same thing. :) Life has been pretty good, though, I have to say. I've basically been just doing settling-in-type things...doing stuff around the house, bubble sorting my stuff so that the most useful and necessary things are on the top layer for easy know...immediate post-move configurations. Due to various complicating factors, I'm not actually taking major steps yet to entrench myself in my room, but that will be coming soon enough. I was kind of camping out in the living room for a few days there at the beginning, but that's done now, so that's fine. As far as getting myself set up goes...I'd say the rest is just a long, slow future process of unpacking. From experience, I know this is something I can spend years on and still not finish, so...I'm not feeling a lot of pressure on that front, frankly. Life, in short, goes on.

I guess the major activities that have been making up my life thus far comprise a four-fold approach to day-to-day living: shopping, cooking, eating, and bicycling. In other words, I obtain food, prepare food, consume food...uh, and ride my bike. The bike-riding has been prevalent at a level surprising even to me. Last weekend metalepticfit and I went out riding just sort of aimlessly, and we kind of randomly ended up biking all the way to Valley Forge National Park, which is like 15 or 20 miles away. That has got to be by far the longest ride I've ever taken, and when it was over, I found myself thinking about just making it a weekly thing. It doesn't seem like much, especially to people who take long rides regularly, but for a guy who previously would pretty much just bike down to the post office and back, this is a big leap. I'm happy that the landscape around here is so much less full of hills than my last digs. That greatly increases my having a good time biking. It's definitely nice that there are bike trails around, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the bike-friendliness of the city itself.

The return to city life has been a welcome one. Being, as I am, something of a recluse, I didn't really think it would matter so much where I was being reclusive, but being back in a real city after spending so much time out in the boonies has made a real difference in my attitude. I still enjoy spending time at home, but at least now going out is more of a pleasure than a chore. It's also made a surprising amount of difference that there is a variety of kinds of people to encounter out there, rather than just the monotony I'd encounter in small town life. Plus there's Chinatown here. I've missed having a Chinatown.

Anyway. All in all, things are good. I feel I'm adjusting well, and so far it seems doable enough to cover the basics of eating and exercising, so that's enough to keep a body going, you know? Also I have access to broadband now, which is pretty novel after however many years of slow-ass Internet connections. It's actually made a lot less impact on my life than I expected it to make...most likely because I haven't been spending as much time online these days as I expected, either. In any's not always going to be like this. The future looms, I'll have to start the hardcore settling in, the looking for work, the actual work, etc. But, for now, I'm having a pretty good time just chilling, which is, in a way, unusual for me, as moving is generally such a traumatic experience. But things are nice right now, and I didn't want you guys to think I'd forgotten about you. Weather is great; wish you were here.

Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later!
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