Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The next step

Hello, peoples. I know I haven't been around much lately, and it looks as though this state of affairs will continue for the near future. I'm just doing a quick check-in with y'all, basically just to disseminate that it's now for sure: I'll imminently be moving to Philadelphia to be roomies (once again!) with metalepticfit. Just like old times!

Nothing's set in stone yet as far as dates go, but I imagine I'll at least get started, if not finished, in the next couple weeks. These days I'm largely just getting my stuff together, doing a bit of sorting, and getting Chateau Tallcake back in what order I can before I leave. The immediate plan after relocating will be to look for some kind of work. What kind, I really can't say. Just...whatever, really. My latest escape from the world has been nice, but it, as all things, must come to an end. Or at least a break. :)

So, with that, I'm afraid I'll be disappearing back into the foggy limbo I've been hiding in for the past few weeks. A few more weeks hence, though, and I hope to reemerge, possibly even a citizen again, but perhaps even, dare I say it, once again a blogger? We shall see.

Peace out, everybody. The future awaits! Grab yours today.
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