Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Footnote: Karate Kid III

Okay, my last post, remember I mentioned that I thought I had blogged about The Karate Kid, Part III but I actually hadn't? The reason I thought I had is because I remembered getting out some thoughts about it, but it was actually in an e-mail to my sister. (The Karate Kid and its ilk featured largely in our young lives. of those things.) Below in an excerpt from the e-mail, which basically sums up my feelings at having watched the movie more recently than when I was...I dunno...12? I actually saw it back when I was going through that block of Asian action flicks.
I know we've seen this, but I also know it was the least enjoyed of the trilogy, so I really haven't had the exposure to it that I've had to the other two, which remain pretty beloved to me. So I'm sitting here, and I'm watching Karate Kid III now through adult eyes, and I have to is one godawful movie. The acting is terrible, most of the characters are all hacky (especially the villains), and the story is...well, the story is bizarre. If you really, and I mean really, have nothing to do sometime, it makes for a pretty surreal experience, frankly. Previous to this, I had thought about maybe rewatching the whole trilogy, just for old times' sake, but now, frankly, I'm afraid to. :) Right now I choose to believe that the third one is markedly worse than the others. If it turns out the others are this bad, too, well...that's going to poke a big hole in my childhood. Cuz this thing is horrendous. :)

So, vaguely...remember the evil sensei from the first movie? It turns out that his dojo was a gift from an old war buddy of his, also a karate expert. Since all his students have deserted him, apparently after the nose-honking incident after the tournament, he decides to quit the biz. The old war buddy talks him out of it, and promises to take Mr. Miyagi and Daniel down a peg or two. This war buddy, by the way, is now some kind of millionaire entrepreneur, apparently having made a gigantic fortune by running a business that, I am not making this up, professionally and illegally dumps toxic waste. (By the way...he's really evil.) Of course, once his friend's predicament comes to light, this guy decides to devote himself, and I quote, "twenty-four hours a day" to seeing that our protagonists get their comeuppance. As he's leaving his business behind, explaining to his assistant that he won't be around: "From now on, my only business is revenge." I mean, come on.

So...yeah, man. Up against that, I'd say the upcoming remake can only go uphill, yeah?
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