Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Somehow it's all a blur

Okay, so...somehow I fell ridiculously behind on my Internet rounds, and at this point I'm kinda, like...mostly caught up? Anyway, I thought I'd try to get a post up here to keep things moving. Sadly, I really have no clear idea about why so much time has passed with me having accomplished so little in it.


It's currently Saturday. When last I posted, it was Wednesday, and I was heading to New York for some family time and a show. I went in much earlier than I needed to due to bus schedule fun, so I ended up killing some time with a movie. I saw The Spy Next Door, which mostly (but not completely) turned out to be a mistake. The film itself was actually pretty bad. I say it wasn't a complete mistake, though, because I saw a preview for a remake of The Karate Kid that's coming out. Now...what's funny about this is that the topic had come up several days ago on IRC and I was basically openly deriding the idea. But now that I've seen the preview...I have to say, I'm actually pretty excited about it!

From what I saw, it looked like the whole thing was basically callback or homage to the first movie, which is why I think this is a remake and not, like...a franchise reboot, say. While the major plotline looks to be the same, just set dressing has changed: instead of a teenage Jersey boy moving to SoCal, it's now an inner city Black kid moving to Beijing (with the attendant switch from Japanese-style karate to Chinese kung fu). The kid is Will Smith's son, and the old mentor is...Jackie Chan. Now, like I said, when I first heard about this, I was kind of underwhelmed. But the preview has totally sold me. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this movie! Shocking, but true.

As a related aside, I actually recently caught much of the original The Karate Kid on TV when I was at my sister's place. It's...well, it's basically just what I remember. So even if this new movie is just the old movie, except not in the 80s, I mean...that can't be all that bad, right? I dunno. We'll see. What I don't want to see is the restarting of the whole franchise. I mean...I dunno about you guys, but while I thought Karate Kid II was decent enough, I found III to be just absolutely tragic.

Further aside: You know what? I totally thought I had blogged about that, but I appear not to have done so. Huh. [EDIT: Well, now I have.]

Returning to the main thread of this post: So that happened. Then my mom, my sister, and I all met up in the City and had dinner. Yay! Then my mom and I split off and went to see Wicked, which both of them had seen before but I never had. I read the book...must be years ago now. I don't remember exactly why, but I want to say it was because of panyang. Anyway, I've been hearing about the play forever, but had never seen it, because...well...shit, when do I ever go to see plays unless my sister hooks me up, you know? So anyway, it was a pretty fun show, but it was, like, ridiculously different from the book. Much more than I expected. Like I don't mean it was trimmed down for time, I mean like major plot points were changed. So...on the one hand, I get it, it was kinda like Wicked for primetime, or mainstream, or what-have-you. But on the other hand...damn, why you gotta mess with cool shit? So, I dunno. Still...good times.

So. We're still on Wednesday night. After all of that, the family ended up all going back to my sister's place. I said hello to all the pets, who I'm sure have already forgotten me now that the real masters are back and once again doling out the food. Thursday the bunch of us got up and went our separate ways, though I did accompany my sister to the City in the morning as she took the dog to a vet appointment. But after that, it was back to Chateau Tallcake.

Now. Here's where it all gets a bit hazy. I know I came back on Thursday. I also know I didn't do much of anything that day except house chores and settling in games? I've been nearing the end of Front Mission 4 and I know I've been spending a lot of spare moments on that lately. I spent some portion of the day futzing with my bicycle, because for some reason it took me like a dozen tries to get the pump working so I could inflate my tires, which had gone a little flat in my long absence. (I eventually succeeded with that, by the way, and I also went for a bike ride, and I also am completely out of shape, because I went for like a twenty-minute ride and it took me like the rest of the afternoon to recover.) I also know that by the end of Thursday I was totally wiped, and I zonked out that night and slept fairly late into the next morning.

So if I thought Thursday was a haze, then Friday has just completely disappeared. I know I got up late that morning and, rather than really do anything productive I played more video games and ended up finishing Front Mission 4. So, yay! I know I went grocery shopping, and I know I also picked up lunch at Wawa and went so ridiculously overboard on it that I didn't really eat dinner that night. I may have watched a movie or something. Eventually I went to bed.

Now...this is a pretty unremarkable tale of a missing couple of days. On the surface, my list of activities there doesn't really differentiate them from any other, more usual couple of days in my life. What turns out to be strange about them is that...there's really no reason why I wouldn't be going online during that time. And yet, somehow, I wasn't. So I've been pretty much off the grid for the last, oh, three days or so, say, and I spent much of my time today playing catchup around that fact. I think I'm mostly up-to-date now...I mean except a few outliers on the blogroll and stuff. But, man, it's just amazing sometimes the speed at which the Internet happens. I forget about it a lot until I leave it be for a few days and then try to catch up again. Damn, people!

Anyway, so that's about that. The only good thing about having spent so much time in front of the keyboad today is that it also afforded me to catch up with some poker-playing, which is another usual thing that has been absent from my normal routine lately. That's a horse I really should be getting back on because...well, you know. Money and stuff.

Anyhoo. Next week I'm (finally) going to be making it to the dentist on Thursday to maybe see what's to be done about this molar breaking apart. Friday I bring in the Cakemobile for some professional maintenance. And...I dunno. Life goes on, sort of thing. My brain is totally soup. Catch you guys later on. Peace!
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