Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

Brief greetings once again, everybody. As of this writing, my sister and company have made it back from their travels, and I have vacated the Pet Palace and am now back in scenic Pburg re-invading Chateau Tallcake. It somehow escaped my notice until I got back that it is, in fact, a holiday today, and so I won't be doing any of the things I originally intended to do today, like catching up with the post office backlog or setting things up with the dentist, so I'm just going to basically take another day off. Today I'm just going to be settling back in and cleaning my aura and all that. Probably go for a bike ride, too, since it occurred to me this morning that I haven't been on my bike in probably like a month. In any case, I've also not been in this bad of need of a shave and a haircut in quite a while. I may end up having to just dunk my head in a bucket of Nair. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway. Sweet, sweet solitude awaits. Peace, everybody!
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