Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Weekend warrior

Now here's an icon I haven't had cause to drag out in a while. As I was sitting around last night spacing out, it occurred to me that this weekend I could do something I haven't been able to do all season, which is watch some football on TV. I checked out the NFL schedule and was surprised to find that we're already in the playoffs. Where does the time go.

Speaking of time going to mysterious places, I've rediscovered yet again that I should just never have unfettered access to television. I've basically done nothing at my sister's place except watch TV. I mean, what's it been, like four days now? Five? I couldn't even tell you what I've watched in all that time. Basically all I've got is the time-honored couch potato answer: whatever's on. I see no reason that this trend shouldn't continue into the foreseeable future, actually.

In dental news, things don't seem to be getting any worse, which is a blessing. What I've got is a molar that's falling to pieces, but the majority of which seems to be still anchored in my jaw, which is...good. I'm treating the area gingerly and trying to keep it clean, which I guess is about all I can do for the time being. If I don't end up spitting out further chunks of tooth before I can make it to a dentist, I'll consider myself pretty lucky. I've been dedicating myself pretty much to eating soft foods and chewing them on my left side. Not so bad.

Anyway...that's about all I got for now, kids. Peace!
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