Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Ups and downs

So last night was kind of a strange new experience for me. As I settled into bed for the night, I was, literally, surrounded my animals. Not even considering the fish at my feet, I had a cat tucked under one arm and a dog under the other, and we were all just huddled together in the bed, drifting off and playing a nice, rousing game of Guess Who Farted. (The fish was the easiest to nail. You know...bubbles.) Anyway, I was reflecting on this scene this morning as I was just dinking around the house, how the cat and dog barely tolerate each other during the day, but somehow at night become the best of friends. Or at least enough to share the resident human and a bed with each other. But it was kinda nice to have my head filled with such lofty ideas of peace and harmony abounding. Briefly, anyway, until I was interrupted from my reverie by the cat emerging from the bathroom and dragging her ass along the floor in front of me.

"Did you," I asked her, "Just wipe your ass on the carpet?" She gave the The Cat Look for just long enough a time to make it clear that she really couldn't give a damn about me or the carpet, and then went about her business, whatever that may have been. From what I could tell, it involved mostly sitting on the kitchen table and staring off into space. Which, upon reflection, is probably pretty much what she thinks I do all day, too. At any rate, the dog took the opportunity to roll around and try to soak up some cat stink. So, you know. Animals. We're all animals. :)

Anyway. All that's neither here nor there. That's just life in the Pet Palace. What's more immediate and relevant to me at the moment is that I was eating some snack chips this afternoon and one of my nightmares came true as the act of chewing caused one of my teeth to come apart. This was not a pleasing experience. Had a little chat with the ol' family dentist, and basically it just looks like I'm going to do nothing for the time being, which strikes me as a little odd, but...well, whaddaya gonna do. Just gotta...chew on one side? For a while? I guess?

Anyway, sucks. Luckily I planned to not do a whole hell of a lot with myself during this petsitting experience, because now I really don't feel like doing much of anything. So just a word of warning and maybe a lesson to y'all out there. Sometimes in life...your teeth just come apart. Laterz, everybody.
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