Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Starting off slow

Hello, out there, everybody. So...not only have I fallen a bit out of the blogging habit, but I also just honestly haven't been up to very much. Both Christmas and New Years were pretty low-key for me, as I'm still holding down the fort in the SoJo homestead. Today was actually a big outing for me, as I went all the way to the IMAX theater in the Trop in Atlantic City to catch Avatar. It was something I had meant to do while I was down here, but kept forgetting about. I got reminded of it while chatting with metalepticfit today, so I figured, hey, no time like the present. Anyway...that was good times. 3-D definitely the way to go on that.

It was actually just a little bit strange to be back in A.C. It's only been a few months, really, but already my life there seems like it ended forever ago. It's not really that big a place; everything is familiar if you've spent any appreciable amount of time there. I was killing some time before the movie and took the opportunity to stroll around the ol' neighborhood a little. Everything's the same. The sights and sounds gave me this weird kind of deja vu, except I had actually been there before. It's kind of like the opposite of's a place I left behind but don't long for any more. It felt strange being there. The glare of the casinos at night, the sparse traffic in the offseason punctuated by the ever-present Jitneys trawling the streets -- everything was as it should have been. Except for me. When I go back to New York, at least, I feel...if not welcomed, then at least appropriately ignored. I slide back into it like a worn old coat that stays in the closet until needed. A.C. was more...ill-fitting. I could tell I didn't belong there anymore; I could feel it. Maybe it was just too soon.

At any rate, this was actually my second time on a major leaving-the-house expedition in the last couple weeks. After Christmas I went out to do a little pants-shopping. It was slightly disappointing, as pants-shopping generally is for me, but at least I got new pants and no longer have to worry about my old ones actually rotting right off my body while I'm out and about. Also I got some boots, because I really don't want to repeat my last experience of sneakers in the snow. Other than that, though, I think things have basically been pretty quiet here on the Homestead.

Oh, so, speaking of that... It looks like I'll be here in SoJo basically through this coming weekend, and then I'm off to petsit for my sister while she goes away out west. That'll probably be about a week. Originally I would then have been heading back to Pburg, but now my mom's plans are once again up in the air, so I may actually be heading right back to SoJo after that. This is turning into that kind of strange, unscheduled, itinerant life I always kind of felt I might end up with and wasn't ever sure I really wanted or not. I have to far, so good. I've always been pretty rootless, even growing up. Especially growing up. I would always half-joke that I don't really have a hometown, but nowadays it's really hitting me that right now I don't even really have a place to call home. And weirdly, I'm finding I don't really mind it all that much.

* * *

Heh, the meantime, Momz has called and I've lost my train of thought, so...I guess I'll just leave it off at that for now. Maybe I can pick this up again later. Peace, everybody!
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