Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Is it naptime yet?

I woke up at like 5 this morning when some neighborhood dogs were having an extended and passionate debate about the relative merits of socialism versus the free enterprise system. Or maybe they were just talking about how ass smells. I have no idea. The point is that the discussion was loud and long, punctuated by occasional yells from a human interloper, so eventually I just stopped trying to go back to sleep and started my day.

My day, by the way, is probably going to be much like my day yesterday, which is to say a whole lotta nothin', broken up in the middle by a trip to the post office. My life in the Homestead differs from that in Pburg mainly only in that I go to the post office to get my mom's mail instead of my own. Which means I don't have to go that frequently. I decided to go yesterday, and I decided to walk it, since it was such a relatively nice day out. I forgot how much this town doesn't enjoy pedestrians.

Part of the problem is that since I lived here last, the post office has moved. It used to be in the heart of town, down in one of our commercial centers. Now it's way the hell down on the outskirts of town on Main Street, and since Main Street is also a state road, "way the hell down on the outskirts of town" means "almost in the next town." It turns out that significant portions of that route actually don't have a sidewalk. Who knew? It's still a pleasant enough stroll, though. You just have to get used to sharing your space with traffic a little more intimately than you might be used to. That's once you get to the main drag, mind you. For some reason, on my way out there yesterday, I thought it would be fun to try taking the backroads. I don't know why I thought's not like even the primary route is familiar to me, let alone the backroads of the neighborhood. Anyway, along the way I managed to take a wrong turn somewhere, and I got trapped in a middle school. I had to punch this little kid in the head to escape.

Anyway, once I got back to the main drag, I was probably about two-thirds of the way to the post office when I realized that, because I am awesome and am always on top of things, I actually left the PO box key back at the house. Blast! Thankfully, the trip was not wasted, since I could still pick up the mail they had on hold for the house, but I'm going to go back again today for the stuff in the PO box. I will try to avoid the middle school.

At any rate, I'm kind of in a haze at this point. Maybe I should take a nap or something. There's a family favorite pizza place in town. One of my goals in coming down here was to get a pizza from that place and eat it over the course of a day while making my way through my mom's collection of Harry Potter DVDs. Maybe...maybe today is that day. We shall see.
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