Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Double standards

Just a final thought before I pack it in for the time being. I've caught up a bit more on this Peter Watts thing today. (My favorite new information: except for coming back to face charges, Watts is barred from the U.S. I just find that hilarious. It's like when some asshat yells, "...and STAY out!" :) Anyway, I feel like it's twice as ludicrous because Watts was on his way out of the country when all this went down.) Anyway, there seems to be a prevailing attitude with those unsympathetic to Watts' case that you just shouldn't get uppity with the po-po. FSM knows I feel the same way, but just in the sense that, at any given time, I like to minimize my chances of my getting harassed, beaten, or shot. I don't agree in the sense of it being the right thing to do. But is it actually the right thing to do?

Let's say I'm going about my normal daily life, even my job (hypothetically ;) ), and some dude comes up to me and is belligerent. Like really all-up-in-my-grill aggravating. I tell him to back up off me, bitch. He continues to harangue me. So I punch him in the face. I'm fairly sure that, at this point, I'm guilty of a crime, yes?

Now...take the same circumstances, except make me a cop on duty. I'm pretty sure I know where I stand on this morally. But legally, are things any different? [EDIT: I realize after some discussion that I'm being unclear here. What I'm actually asking is: am I still guilty of a crime?]
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