Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Friday Morning Challenge

Good morning, Internet friends, and happy Friday. Sometimes, when I really have nothing else to do, I wander around the Web and stumble upon the kind of site that I just know I'll be coming back to someday when I similarly have nothing to do. One of those sites is Ugliest Tattoos: The Gallery of Regrets. I think the title just about says it all. I, personally, enjoy it for its extreme "WTF" moments. If I could just highlight a few for you, some of my favorites range from the almost awesome, like this photo series of tattoos dedicated to The Golden Girls, to the completely unfathomable, like this...rooster playing the bagpipes?

In any case, on that site, I came across a photo that I thought would make a nice Friday Morning Challenge, with just a slight twist. Instead of captioning or explaining the photo, instead I'd like you to...

...fill in the speech bubble.


Click on the image to open the original page, but I'd wait until after I submitted my answer, if I were you, just to keep a fresh mind. Also I'll submit my own interpretation as a comment.

Happy Friday, everybody!
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