Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

I survived Thanksgiving

Greetings, friends. Well, the Thanksgiving celebration is now behind me, the party members and I have all gone off on our separate ways, and I'm left in my solitude with a lingering feeling of accomplishment and a fridge packed with leftovers. As I said before, this is my first "big" family-style gathering in quite a while. My sister was actually the center of this one, as she did all the planning and most of the prep work and stuff. Likewise, she was heading things on the actual day of. I contributed as much as I could as sous-chef, which basically meant I was an extra pair of hands when needed and, when not, I chopped vegetables. I'm happy to say that there were no horrible culinary mishaps. Actually there weren't really any mishaps at all, which is always excellent. The evening went smoothly, and I think everyone involved had a pretty good time. So...score.

Here's the rundown. There was my sister, my sister's boyfriend, my mom, and myself. Then there was my sister's boyfriend's side of the party: his brother, his brother's wife, his mother, and his mother's husband. Also there were two dogs. Foodwise, we had two central meat dishes: the not-my parents brought the turkey, and my sister made a leg of lamb (which was awesome; it had this amazing mustard glaze). My mom brought pies, and she also put the gravy together. My sister took care of everything else, and I have to say...she did a bang-up job. We feasted, we chatted, we lulled, we stared blankly at some football. Eventually people started wandering off. The final three of the party, myself, my sister, and her boyfriend, capped off the night with some Scrabble. All in all, it was a nice, wholesome time of family fun.

Today I think is earmarked mostly for me zoning out. I've got some stuff to do later this weekend to help out my mom, so today I'm basically just cleaning, doing a couple chores, getting things more or less back in know...just general maintenance. I missed a day of Internet, of course, so...gotta to some catching up in that department. Also I've got enough leftovers from dinner to live like a king for quite a while with very little effort on my part, so...that always helps with the recharging, too. :)

So...I'm just going to take it slow and easy today. I hope everybody had a fun and happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Also part of my leftovers here is this partial bottle of wine, so allow me to raise a glass in toast to you, my friends: thanks for being a part of my life. Cheers, everybody!

UPDATE: P.S. I just read this Jonathan Carroll blog post which is a sentiment I enjoyed reading and I think dovetails nicely with my preferred mode of thinking this Thanksgiving. Enjoy!
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