Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Life goes on

I'm afraid I have a bit of sad news to report from the family. Today our family dog had to be put to sleep. This is the dog that my sister got in the way-back, close to college time, I think. He's been at my mom's place for the last several years, and he was always a fixture back at the SoJo homestead. The past couple weeks he'd been getting some bad seizures, and today they were just totally out of control, so there was just nothing else to be done. It was time to go. So I just wanted to make note of this significant event for my family. Our dog was a good dog, and he will be greatly missed. Today was a sad day for us.

For the rest of you, I just wanted to share some of my own feelings that came out of this. I am once again reminded, as I often am, that our time here is limited, and we should take the opportunities we can to make them count. It was saddening to experience such a loss so close to a holiday, but as that upcoming holiday is Thanksgiving, it does bring into sharp focus something I am very thankful for, and that is to have in my life such friends and loved ones as you. You all know of my antisocial streak, and you all know that I spend a lot of time in exile, but you also know that none of this means that I don't care -- or that I don't love. Often when I get like this, I encourage people to reach out to those around you, the people close to you who make your life special, and let them know what they mean, to try and share the feeling. This time, however, I'm feeling a little more inside myself than usual, and so I have an alternative to offer, instead.

This time around, I feel like a little introspection is in order. As this year's day of Thanksgiving approaches, I encourage you all to take a few quiet moments for yourself and just...appreciate. Your life is connected to many others, and some of those connections are so important, so strong, that they are sometimes even tangible things. Feel the warmth and love and closeness of those that hold special meaning for you. One person or many, near or far, even living or dead, we call carry around pieces of each other and cherish them as parts of ourselves. If you think on it, you will feel it in your heart, that there is always somewhere to turn, always a way to share, always a way in which your life, all that you have in this world, is bigger than yourself. Of course, we will always have things that come between us, differences small and large and all manner of obstacles and separations. But even knowing all that, know, too, that we are connected: you to me, we to they, they to others still. And knowing all that, it is not too much to then say that we are all one. We're all in this together. And we will continue to be. Even as for each of us our times will come to sleep one final time, we can, all of us, face that day knowing that we will not face it alone. That day may come sooner, or it may come later. We may be hurt. We may fight. We may be afraid. But we will be together.

Take care of yourselves, everyone. And take care of each other. And let all of us live our lives.
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