Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Update? Ish?

Okay, dudes and dudettes, you know I haven't really made a substantive update since, like, Halloween weekend? And here it is almost Thanksgiving. It's not exactly that nothing's been going on. It's not even really that nothing interesting has been going on. It's just that, somehow, my blogging motivation has dropped. So, as is always the case when this situation arises, I'm just going to try and throw an update out there to break through the inertia wall, and then just try and get things going again.

So...the general. I have been doing much more around the house lately, which actually accounts for a lot of my being busy and not plugged into the Internet quite as much as usual. A couple weeks ago we had a bunch of windows replaced here at Château Tallcake, which was actually a pretty stirring adventure to watch unfold. It was done by professionals, and they did an amazing, speedy job. The Professor was taking on some other, related tasks, and I signed up to "help" but actually just mostly succeeded in driving a nail into my own hand, so...yeah. I fail at most physical tasks.

In any case, the last few days have seen me tackling some less pointy and dangerous activities, namely cleaning and painting. When I ended up here and started doing a little unpacking, basically I just exploded a bunch of belongings all over the living room. This location also happens to be where the painting has to happen, so I basically packed stuff right back up again. Then I painted things. I don't really know how much detail I can go into that. I mean...I went up ladders, I came down ladders. I put colored pigment on things. There's really not a lot to talk about in that department, you know? Which feels in a way like I'm cheating the blog somehow, because without being able to describe in tedious detail what I was doing, I feel I can't really do justice to how tired it made me. :) But, suffice it to say, over the last few days I've just been totally bushed by closing time and would pretty much just hit the sack, zonk out, wake up in the morning, and go right back to my tasks.

It's been somewhat of a fulfilling lifestyle, as that singularity of purpose can carry you for a while, but I don't mind telling you, it was as dull as shit. At any rate, I pretty much finished up today, so that's good. Well, the living room, anyway. And porch. Tomorrow I think I attack the kitchen, but that shouldn't be bad at all. And I think that leads me into Thanksgiving.'s the thing. Thanksgiving hasn't been a big deal for me in quite a long time, what with me generally having been away from family for the past...uh...however many years. Even the last couple times when I have been near family, I think I was usually working on Thanksgiving. And even when we did have family gettogethers, they were pretty low-key. At any rate...this year promises to be quite different from all that, and it's freaking me out. It's not going to be a big gathering, but it's going to be bigger, and it promises to be quite a production, I mean, this is always what happens with impending social events, but I'm totally psyching myself out. Anyway. So my brain is not really doing well with approaching next week. But, week's going to be a doozy. thing I did want to note here for the record...last Monday I went to see the Mary Poppins Broadway musical with my sister and my mom. It was pretty great! It's still Disney, but it definitely had a little more book stuff in it than the movie did. The songs were also a lot faster paced, which threw me off at first, but that always happens when you hear familiar songs played in a different way. By way of comparing overall themes, where the movie was more like a straight up children's book type of thing, the play is more like...a big ol' drug trip. There was just all sorts of psychedelic shit going on in there, man. Seriously, it was like borderline scary at times...almost nightmarish. Don't get me wrong, though, I found the experience excellent. It just recast the Poppins tale in a slightly new light for me, which know...good times. Bottom line: I highly recommend the play.

In other news, I guess things are just kind of plodding along. The experiment in relaunching the old online poker career is getting off to a really less than stellar start, which makes me kind of sad. But I remain hopeful -- I told myself I'd give it two months before I passed any serious judgment on it, so...we'll see. I've kinda stuck to my planned schedule, though things have been tapering off lately as I've had more and more stuff to take care of around the house. I've really been slacking off on running lately, which is a shame, though I don't feel too bad about it, since I've been performing more physical labor, and I still bike around for my daily errands and stuff. Also sometimes just for recreation, nowadays, too, which is strange and new, but...somehow I did something weird to my foot (while running), and biking doesn't aggravate it while running does, so...there ya go. I recently decided that, since I have a tail light now I'd try doing a little biking at night. I think now...I won't do that any more until I buy a headlight, too. ;)

Guess that's about it for now. It's only ten and I just feel totally braindead. In fact, for the last two or three days, my brain has just been total pudding. I don't really know what's going on...I guess it's just having actual things I need to do is enough of a change in lifestyle that I don't really know what to do with it just yet. Also, like I said, I'm in something of a holiday pre-shock, so...there's that. In any case, just wanted to try and get back on that blogging train.

Hope y'all are having fun out there; I feel like this holiday season is going to make me a wreck. I'm already looking forward to the new year. :) Peace, everybody!
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