Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Good times

Hello, friends. First off, I had a fantastic weekend. I just thought I'd mention that, even though now it's like a few days later. Our own metalepticfit came over to my neck of the woods, and we hung out and had a great time. I'd say the vast majority of our time here was taken up by either biking or eating, with one notable break for a movie, explained later. But overall it was great fun. We biked places around here that I've never been, which was fun to explore, but which meant that I got us lost all the time and we ended up seeing all sorts of sights that I hadn't expected. know...signs telling me I was in a totally different town. Luckily we were eventually able to get back home, but I definitely biked farther that day than I ever had before. On the food front, we tackled the local diners, of course, but also we got to try out a Japanese place that I didn't even know was in town, largely because it's hidden behind the neighborhood KFC, which was a little troubling. I had originally gotten the urge to eat Japanese because I wanted noodle soup, and sadly the soup wasn't anything to write home about, but the sushi was actually pretty good, so...score! Also it's clearly not run by Japanese people, as it became an unexpected trial for me to order "nigiri," but no harm done. I judge all sushi places by their saba, and this place represented, so, who cares who runs it. :)

Anyway, the sushi and the getting lost and all that stuff (including a pathetic attempt at handing out trick-or-treat candy) was on Saturday. Sunday we decided, since I live so close to the NJ/PA border, that we would take the opportunity to bike across the state line, a first for both of us. We were unexpectedly stymied in this attempt by a long-ass parade that was going on on our Main Street here, which actually was making its way across the very bridge where we wanted to go. I had no idea there was going to be a parade, which just goes to show that, despite my efforts, I still don't have my finger on the pulse of the town. We eventually broke through, though, and made it to the bridge, only to find that we couldn't ride our bikes across it! We could walk them across, though, so that would have to suffice. We then got to ride a little bit around Pennsylvania, though, too, which was fun. We stopped by a big-ass bike store there, too. Which...while being a big-ass store for bikes, also happens to be a store with a big-ass bike on top, I bought a rear light.

So...the movie. Contrary to my usual M.O., I am actually not going to subject you all to a lovingly crafted and ridiculously verbose recreation of the joy I experienced watching this film. Happily, though, this is because someone else has already done it for me. Let me take you back a couple weeks or so ago, when I randomly became aware of a movie called Exterminator City, which I'm led to believe is some kind of low-budget sci-fi train wreck, and pretty much every review I've seen of this film goes something like, "Look, I like boobies as much as anybody, but this movie is not even worth it." I figure when your target audience basically just show up for the boobies, and even they pan your film...well, you've got problems. Anyway...cut to slightly less long ago, when I was searching the 'Net for info on this movie to send to someone else. Actually, metalepticfit, as it turns out. Anyway, in my search, I stumbled across the blog Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire, which seemed to be a kind of movie review site written in a style that I was immediately smitten by. So I checked out more recent entries in the blog to see if it was worth reading, and boy, was it ever, because I ran right smack into a review of a little gem called For Your Height Only.

Now, as I said, I'm not going to go into the gritty details of this one for you. All you really need to know is: Filipino midget James Bond. With a jetpack. I mean, come on, you're going to tell me that there's some universe out there where I don't see this movie? So I snagged it from Netflix (which, surprise surprise, offers it as a double-feature with a Bruce Lee knockoff film; just how many Bruce Lee knockoff films am I going to be made to see by accident!) and forced Jeff to watch it, and I'm sure I had a much better time than he did, but I had a pretty amazing time. :) If you, too, would like to share in this experience, check out Tenebrous Kate's post about the movie here, which is what brought all this to me in the first place. This woman is my new Internet crush.

Anyway, so...great weekend was had. I spent much time recovering; never having biked so much prior to that, on Monday I was experiencing a new dimension of sensation in my legs. It felt good to have accomplish so much recreational travel, but I knew I wasn't going to be doing a whole hell of a lot of moving around on Monday. :) Yesterday, Professor Tallcake stopped by, and the two of us actually strolled down to a nearby school and got our vote on. I also got in a quick run on Tuesday since I'd skipped the last several days (though I forgive myself because of the biking), and man, it was surprisingly tough. I guess running and biking hit me in different ways, because even getting lost and biking around for hours apparently wasn't enough to keep me in good shape for jogging. Either that, or I'm just lazy, which is just as likely. :)

My last big piece of news for now is that...well, it dawned on me recently that this might be a good time for me to once again take up online poker. I can't believe it didn't occur to me before, but I can live cheap for the time being and I've got all this time on my hands...why not? It's not, like, the smartest thing I could be doing, but it's not necessarily the dumbest, either, and it's a lot lower resistance than a lot of other possibilities. So this week I've been trying to re-launch my long-since-forgotten career as an online poker pro. :P I decided to try and treat it like a job, if not regularly scheduled, than at least I'd shoot for a certain number of hours per day, or at the very least per week. I'm starting out slow, as is necessitated by buy-in limits since I'm a "new" player again and all, but it's nice to kind of be working my way back into some regular playing again, something I had all but given up during (ironically) the last several months in A.C. So we'll see how that goes. So far it hasn't been so hot, but, hey, I'm still rusty. :) Hopefully I'll have a good report later this week. Wish me luck. :)

Oh, and I got the contest prizes sent out yesterday, so look for those soon, winners. Well, except tom_kiper -- I still need your address!

Aaaaaand I think that about catches me up. Today is probably going to be a chore day, as I've already got some laundry chugging along in the background and have some other little miscellanies to catch up on around the house. That, and more tiny stakes poker, which is far from a money-making proposition at this time and more just like a giant time sink while I wait for my deposit limits to increase. :) But honestly...feels kinda good to get back in that particular saddle, even if right now it is a pointless grind. When I put it like that, I might as well get a job, huh? :)

Nah. ;)
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