Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Snail mail winners

Sorry, everybody, it slipped my mind to officially close the contest last night, and sadly I'm kind of in a hurry this morning, but just wanted to announce the close of our snail mail contest and congratulate the winners. So, congratulations to:

1. jammie718 for, amazingly, the next upcoming birthday.

2. fiendess for the most recent missed birthday.

3. drdelirium - for needing my help with staying in the contest even when she wants out. ;)

4. tom_kiper - for the winning haiku:
Night of the lepus
Mr. McGregor's shotgun
Civet de lapin

5. grizzlypuff - because "you're definitely glad to have me as a friend because I love participating in your contests"

So, send me your snail mail addresses, please, winners, and I'll get these bad boys sent out. No time limit this time, since there aren't any alternates; you send the address, I send the card. Except Del. And Grizz, if you still want me to use WidgetBox. Everybody else, if you don't have my primary e-mail, you can use the flatvurm at livejournal alias. Or just leave a comment here if you don't mind the world seeing your address. :)

Thanks for playing, everybody. And! Since there were five prizes and also five entries, you really are all winners to me! Peace!
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