Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

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Good morning, friends. I've got more wacky news for you today. This is actually about a week old, but it seems this dude in Minnesota, in a town called Proctor, decided to drive home from the bar one night, crashed into a parked car, and was arrested for DWI. A standard tale, perhaps, except that the dude in question was riding around on a motorized La-Z-Boy recliner. Yeeeaaahhh. This thing is apparently pretty souped up: cup holders, stereo...lights, even. And a lawn mower engine.

What I got to thinking about was...can you get busted for other, more mundane moving violations on this thing? you need a license to drive it? Can you get a ticket for changing lanes without signaling? I mean...clearly the guy drove it too the bar, yeah? And I'm guessing this can not have been the chair's maiden voyage. favorite part of the story: "Anderson claimed he was driving the chair fine until a woman jumped on it and knocked the chair off course." Isn't that always the way!

Anyway. The reason this is news today is because apparently the chair was taken by the police as a DWI forfeit (fascists!) and now is up for auction on eBay. According to NPR, "proceeds will be split between the state of Minnesota, the local victims' advocacy fund, the prosecuting attorney's office and the police department in Proctor, Minn." Nice! Check out the auction page here. At last count, over 40 bids with the price surpassing $2,000. Four days left, so...I'm sure it's going to fetch a pretty penny. I'll keep you guys posted.

[UPDATE:: Hahaha. In reading my Friends Page, I found that drdelirium already scooped me with this story. That's what I get for posting before reading my Friends Page. :) ]

* * *

I got caught up in an (ultimately pointless) personal project yesterday, so I never actually made it to playing any video games. Will try again today. :)
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