Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Snail mail offerings just for you!

Awright, friends. I had this whole idea in my head yesterday about the out-and-about adventures I was going to have today, but it's crappy and raining, so forget it. Instead I am attempting to bake my first ever from-scratch loaf of bread. Wish me luck on this one, guys, because ain't no tellin' if this yeast is any good or not. Smells nice and yeasty, so...I take that as a good sign, but I just started the dough to risin', so...guess we'll find out.

Anyway. While that's going on, it's time for me to offer up another chance at getting mail from yours truly. I recently uncovered five, count 'em five, free greeting cards, I believe provided courtesy of Habitat for Humanity. That means this contest can support five whole winners! Yay!

To win a piece of fabulous Rob-sent snail mail, just comment on this blog entry as outlined below; each card will have a different guideline for winning. I'll give you the rest of the work week for this one. Below are the available cards and what you have to comment about:

  1. "Hoorah! Yippee!" - The picture on this card depicts a frog leaping in ecstatic celebration. Not to spoil the ending, but this is a birthday card. To win it, comment with your upcoming birthday. Birthday in the nearest future wins!
  2. "The buzz is that it's your birthday" - This birthday card shows a bee bringing another bee a bouquet of flowers. To win it, comment with your already-passed birthday. Birthday in the most recent past wins!
  3. "Anything I can do to help?" - This beauty features a dog among a field of flowers looking hopefully upward and balancing a book and an apple on its head. To win this card, comment telling me why you need my help. Best reason wins! (If not help, then at least the card.)
  4. "Wish I could just hop on over to say hello!" - This card shows a rabbit looking bashful and holding a carrot behind its back. To win this card, write a rabbit-themed haiku. Or limerick. Or cinquain.
  5. "I'm so glad you're my friend." - This one shows a red bird cuddling a yellow bird. Also, due to an unfortunate coloration line-up, I at first thought the red bird was also licking the yellow bird, but I now believe this to not be the case. To win this card, comment telling me why I'm so glad you're my friend.

And...that's it. You can compete for as many of the five cards as you want, but only one card per person as far as winning is concerned, so choose your entries well! Like if you really want the rabbit, but you're also a lock for the birthday bee, think about how you want that to go. Also I considered screening comments for this, but I'm actually going to leave them public so you all can see the comments that have gone before and maximize your winning potential. Woo, listen to me, all sounding like a self-help seminar.

Okay, that's it! Like I said, I'll give you the work week for this one, so let's say you've got until the close of business on Friday. Winners each receive one of the above cards mailed right to your address of choice with a personal message scrawled inside by me and probably an unnecessary number of small-denomination stamps, because I'm doing some cleanup in that area as well. Enjoy, everybody, and good luck!
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