Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Actual life update

Has it really been more than a week since my last post? I guess it has. In my defense, it's been a busy week. Well. Busy-ish. But that's not really the point here. The point is this. I wanted to get my ducks more or less in a row before going completely public with this, and now my ducks are more or less in a row, so I'm going public.

I've decided to quit my job and leave Atlantic City. For a little while I've been pondering the downsides of my working life here in A.C., and finally it came to me that...well, it's been a couple years now, and I guess I've pretty much got my fill and it's time to move on. I actually stopped working a few weeks ago, like in mid-August (which explains why it may have seemed like I had a lot of free time on my hands for a while there).

I've got another few weeks in A.C. to kind of tear things down and bug out. My interstitial digs are going to be out in the boonies of New Jersey, ostensibly a bit closer to NYC than I am now (maybe an hour-and-a-half out?), but we'll see. No plans yet on how long I'll be out there or what I'm going to be doing, really. What I am going to do is (hopefully) take the opportunity to get rid of a lot of my belongings. That's actually one of my primary immediate goals. In my mind, I picture maybe two or three months of slacking and suchlike, and then we'll see what starts shaping up for my next phase in life. Exciting times!

I'm thinking I may not be online a lot in the next month or so, as I'm going through my transitional phase and setting up shop in my new location and whatnot. I'm just going to play it by ear, though, and for sure I'll update when I can. (Or if I have anything relevant to add, which is probably more important. ;) ) But anyway...that's the latest from my neck of the woods, everybody. Times, they are a-changin'!

* * *

Much of this past week has been a blur, so I guess I don't have that much to update about. Part of the blur has been prep work, I guess, but sadly much of it has to do with me being a total idiot and starting to play Baten Kaitos again. :) I probably could have timed that particular endeavor a bit better, but oh, well. :)

Big noteworthy event, though, was our own metalepticfit swinging by the neighborhood to hang out for a day or so. It was good times. We basically spent the whole day walking around, which was kind of novel, but a good time was had and we got to stand in the ocean and play in an arcade and basically do non-casino Atlantic City things, know...are not very numerous. But anyway...good times. I look forward to being able to see him more often now that he's rejoined the Northeast.

Less noteworthy, but interesting, was that early last week I decided to do something of a walking tour of Atlantic City casinos so that I could pop into each one and cash in all the loose casino chips I had laying around my house. Not a bad haul, either; I think I ended up pocketing like thirty bucks. :) There was a time when I pictured myself collecting casino chips but...well, trying to live with my newfound spirit of hauling around less crap, I decided the cash would be better to have. :) If only everything were so easy to turn into money. :)

* * *

So...since there's no telling when or how often I'll be back this way, here's a few things to keep you amused in the meantime.

From Adam Felber's blog: The Mario Kart movie trailer. Toad, man. Toad.

From Ryan North's blog: The Longest Poem in the World, an automated program that slurps up Twitter tweets, arranges them into rhyming couplets, and posts the results to that website. Pretty amazing results, actually. :)

From a discussion about medical insurance on the BARGE list: A forum discussion thread basically telling fucked up emergency room stories. Dude, this thread is like six years old and thousands of posts long. I think I made it like an eighth of the way through, so only get involved with this if you've got some serious time to kill.

And finally, the most awesome word I have encountered today: foofooraw. Wow.
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