Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


Did you ever get a tune stuck in your head, only you don't actually know what song it is? That happened to me yesterday. I was strolling home know?...I don't even remember now. But anyway, I was strolling home, and I became aware that I was whistling, and then I realized that, although the tune was familiar, I actually had no idea what song that was. I kept whistling it, because I wanted to figure this out. Eventually, snippets of lyrics would occur to me. It was around that time that I realized...I thought it was the theme song to an 80s sitcom. Hmm.

Anyway. I tried to keep it in mind, and when I got home and got back on the 'Net I Googled it and...well, it was the theme song to The Hogan Family.

No...I don't really understand, either.
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