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So it came to pass...that I happened to be looking over my blog, and my last couple entries have both started with "So it came to pass..." Weird. But not that weird, I guess...just shows how my brain works. Or my blogging brain, anyway. So...I dunno...I feel like doing an update, and I guess I have a lot of stuff in the queue, but I don't really know where to begin or how to organize it, so...I'm just going to start throwing stuff out there until I get tired or I empty my queue. Sound good? Okay. :)

Actually, I'll start with the actual update. I hung out yesterday with Momz and my sister, who came to A.C. to visit and hang out with me for a some pre-birthday shenanigans. We went out for Chinese again, as we often do, and it was delicious. Then we went to see the new Harry Potter flick. I can't even remember the last time I went out to the movies. I think I need new glasses. That aside, the movie was good, though, and it was nice to hang out with the family. My sister brought me a couple totally kick-ass presents. One is a t-shirt with Link on it, and the other is a wallet with an old NES controller embossed on the front. Sweeeeet.

Inspired by cacophonesque, I decided to try out this Couch to 5K thing, which is, as the name suggests, a plan to get from sitting on the couch every day to being able to tackle a nice 5K run. I was thinking about blogging my progress, but...I dunno, man. How much can I really say? "Went running today. Tired and sore." I will say, though, that the difference between Workout 1 and Workout 2 was pretty immense. (I reaction to the workouts, not the workouts themselves, which are actually the same.)

Like...Workout 1...well, I wasn't completely coming in cold, but it was close. I've been spending a lot of time lately taking long walks and such, but overall I've been living my normal sedentary life. So for Workout 1, I kept to the scheduled plan, which I was quite proud of, but I spent the last half of the run and several subsequent hours feeling like I was going to throw up, so...I wasn't sure this exercise plan was really such a great idea. Plus the next day I was incredibly sore and had a lot of trouble climbing stairs and getting out of chairs. :) Workout 2, though, went much more smoothly, so I'm hoping that the remainder of it will also not be followed by bouts of nausea. Aim for the stars!

In other general life news, this past week or so I've been slowly coming to grips with the feeling that I'm getting sick of my life here. I actually played a lot of hooky from work this weekend, and I spent much of the recovered free time just sort of cogitating on whether I really feel like sticking around Atlantic City any more. See, the thing lease is coming up for renewal, and I feel like if I don't make a change soon, I'm going to be stuck here for another whole year, and...I dunno. That was more or less the plan up until recently, but for some reason the idea of that has started to make me sad. Not that I'm particularly hating my life here or anything...I mean, it's still a pretty nice setup and all. I'm just kind of sick and tired of the job, and once the job goes, there's really nothing left to keep me here. Well, except for poker, but that sort of loses relevance once I run out of money, which is what tends to happen when one has no job, know what I'm sayin'? :)

In any case...that train of thought just kind of spun me outward into more general concerns of how I never really seem to stick with anything for more than a few years at a time, and how that overall affects my life. I suppose it's possible that I'm warming up to some birthday doldrums or so, but I am sort of starting to feel the pinch of not really having a future. I mean...I've never really cared so much, I guess, but the thought of uprooting and starting my life over every two or three years for the rest of my life...the thought is starting to get me down. In any case, though, I can moon about that probably until I just lay down and die. My more immediate concern is whether I'm actually going to be sitting around here for another year, or whether I'm going to through caution to the wind (yet again), get out of Dodge, and start again somewhere else. I dunno...thoughts continue in this arena.

* * *

On a vaguely related note...have you guys ever gotten that "Who's Who" spam? It's like some kind of "Who's Who" list wants to have your info so that you can be included in their directory of bigshots? It's basically just a scam for contact info, and I get it from time to time, including a fresh instance a couple days ago. I just want to excerpt their opening paragraphs:
It's my pleasure to inform you that on November 17, 2008. your information was reviewed and accepted for inclusion in the 2008-09 edition.

Presidential Who's Who each year recognizes and selects key executive, professionals and organizations in all disciplines and industries for outstanding business and professional achievements. This recognition is shared by those who have reached a level of recognizable success in their particular fields.

For some reason, that just totally cracked me up. I mean...they really have no idea who they're dealing with here, do they. ;)

* * *

Question: Is it possible that they could make a video game in the Zelda franchise that I just wouldn't play out of principle?

Answer: Apparently so. At least this game probably goes some way toward explaining why Tingle becomes the extortionist cartographer that he does. What the hell, man. I's not like I hate Tingle... Okay, I hate Tingle. I guess it's pretty irrational, but I just do. Probably because I fear I'm destined to become him.

Bonus link: Kinda sad that I hadn't heard about this one before: Superhero League of Hoboken. Yeah...I'd play that.

* * *

And, apropos to all this self-analysis I've been attempting lately...this xkcd shows up. I mean...we've all felt like that from time to time, uh...right, guys? Guys?

* * *

Okay, I think that's about all I can manage for now. Peace, everybody. Smell ya later!
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