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Rob Abrazado

I never trusted that giant head anyway

So it came to pass that I wound up with a coupon for a free sausage biscuit at Burger King. As luck would have it, there is actually a Burger King fairly close to my house, but I never got around to using the coupon because it's for a breakfast sandwich, and I am just so never awake during Burger King breakfast hours. But, for whatever reason, I decided last night that today would be the day that I'd wake up early and get my free sausage biscuit. I dunno, man...I'll just go that extra mile for free shit, you know?

So I get my ass up today at a time that would probably be the equivalent to you normal people of waking up at like 2am, and I drag out to the BK. I had this whole plan...drop off some Netflix in the mail, pick up Jitney tickets, get my sandwich, and go to the bank. That was my plan. And I stuck to it. The cash register jockey at BK seemed somehow ill-equipped to deal with my coupon, but I really didn't think much of it at the time, and I got my sandwich and left anyway, biggie. So I stuffed my new sausage biscuit in my backpack and continued with my errands.

After all that was done, I headed home and, while debating whether or not I should go back to sleep and try to get in more or less a full "night's" rest, I ended up logging on the 'Net and that pretty much ended that debate. Eventually I got to thinking, "Well, I'm up, I guess I'll eat my free sausage biscuit." So I dug it out and opened it up and...

What the hell?! There's no sausage! There's just...biscuit! Those unruly fuckers down at the BK just swindled me out of a free sausage patty. I'm...I'm really just not sure how to feel about that. In any case, I took no steps to correct this, as by the time I found out, I'm sure breakfast time was over and, in any case, I feel pretty safe in assuming that they wouldn't give a shit. And all else aside, I still had a free biscuit, so...who am I to complain. So what the fuck...I fried up an egg, put it on my biscuit, and ate it. Who's King in the Land of Burgers now?! Bastards.

* * *

Fast food shenanigans aside, I have been making an effort to effect changes in my dietary habits here and there. One thing is...well, I've kinda gone off milk. My daily ritual breakfast of a bowl of cereal felt like it was starting to consistently make me sick, so I figured I'd cut down on the milk for a while, since I have on-again off-again dairy issues. (Bummer sidebar about the milk thing: it also meant I stopped buying cereal, which was kind of lame because I was working on collecting enough Frosted Mini-Wheats points to get a free Star Trek t-shirt. But, you know...whatever.) Since I'd also stopped with the oatmeal during the summer (since it's too frickin' hot to eat oatmeal), this left me with a breakfast-shaped hole that needed filling. Somehow I ended up trying out smoothies. Dudes...I'm totally a convert. Smoothies are the new hotness for summer breakfast! I'm now buying yogurt by the bucketfull, since yogurt thankfully is not making me ill. So I throw some yogurt in with basically whatever fruit I feel like having, whir the whole thing around in a blender for a little while, and I have instant healthy refreshment for breakfast. It's so awesome. I'm thinking now of making everything into a smoothie. I, like, wouldn't need teeth any more. Smoothies, man. Smoothies.

Unrelated to the dietary changes, though nicely relevant, I just read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan, basically on enhat's recommendation from like a million years ago. It was a great book! It had that same kind of effect on me as Fast Food Nation, in a way, in that it kinda made me want to stop eating. But it also made me totally want to be a farmer, which was awesome. Basically, this guy traces the origins of some of his food from earth to plate. He talks about the processes involved in various modes of food preparation, from the common industrial food process in America to the much less common foraging your dinner from out in the forest. In any case, I'm hereby passing on the recommendation, because I enjoyed the book and if you like reading about food, then...well, it's a good book for reading about food. :)

In other entertainment news, I think I'm kinda winding down on this Asian movie block. I've wandered out of the straight-up action arena. At some point I wanted to check out some supernatural-style flicks, especially the old Chinese hopping vampire type stuff, since I hadn't seen a lot of that, you know, from primary sources. That's been so-so. I've kinda got some fantasy stuff lined up, but...well, except for the eagerly anticipated SARS Wars and some other random stragglers, I think I'm pretty much wrapping up this movie block. I'm about Asian-movied out for the time being. :) (I say "Asian," but aside from those few Thai titles, really this was mostly Chinese cinema. I pretty much got my fill of Japanese (again) watching that Miike stuff that luminifer threw my way. I dunno, man...I just don't have the right brain mode to dig on a lot of Japanese stuff.) On the video game front, I just recently finally finished up Destroy All Humans 2, which I was glad to have picked up. Unlike my run through the first game, I actually made a point of getting my sidequesting and junk attended to before finishing up the story. The game was pretty fun. It made me miss panyang, since we played the first one together, and her mentioning it was the reason I (eventually) picked up the second one. But anyway, yeah. Humans were destroyed. I'm now working on this really fun PS2 platformer called Sly Cooper. Enjoyable stuff!

* * *

Huh. I'm out of gas. :) Laterz, all.

* * *

P.S. Could someone get in touch with mikestuy and let him know his Yahoo account has been hijacked and is being used to send out spam and malware? Thanks, kids.
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