Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Make a wish

So, at various holidays and festive times throughout the year, the cafeteria at work sometimes gets all decorated and churns out thematically appropriate foodstuffs. For this weekend's celebration of Independence Day (which also coincides with Borgata's anniversary, by the way), they've got some shiny cardboard stars pasted around the place high up on the walls. I was in line at the steam tables last night to grab a meal before I started my shift, and one of the stars disengaged from the wall and fell on my head. So it goes.

Also noteworthy last night: the bad beat jackpot hit again during my shift. The bizarre part was: that was the second time it got hit that day. It apparently hit earlier that same afternoon. I think the time previous to that was like two weeks ago or so. I dunno, man...twice in one day. I mean, there are long odds, and there are long odds, but this is as good an illustration as any that...well, improbable shit happens. I just does. This is an idea that all gamblers just have to get used to.
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