Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Okay, I lied

Fine, just one more thing before I close up shop tonight. I loves me some aggressive spell-checking, from time to time. Netflix has the best I've ever encountered in that department. Tonight's example...

I was recently watching a double-feature of Stephen Chow flicks, Royal Tramp and Royal Tramp II. (Really fun movies, by the way.) Among the previews was a Sammo Hung film I wanted to check out, which the preview called Shanghai Express. I was just now looking for it on Netflix, but the only thing that came up was, well, you know, the real Shanghai Express. Like, from the 30s. Anyway...this kind of thing crops up a lot when dealing with Hong Kong flicks, as there are all sorts of title madnesses involved with that stuff, so I first tried searching for it by it's Cantonese name: "Foo gwai lit che." That title didn't come up, but among Netflix's suggestions for what I might have meant: John Lithgow. :) I had to kind of squint and tilt my head, but...yeah, I can kinda see where they got that. :)

(Oh, and for the curious, yeah, I eventually found the movie under the title Millionaire's Express. *shrug* These things happen.)
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