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Just heard about this story on the radio, and I had to look it up on the Internet. Sure enough...a California judge, while agreeing that "Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries" are not, in fact, an actual kind of berry, rules that this is not a valid reason for a lawsuit. I fucking love people.

* * *

A little bit of near-excitement at work last night: I had a 43-to-1 shot at dealing a bad beat jackpot hand. One player had KK, another had 99, and the board on the turn was 9Kx9. The case king didn't come. Players unhappy. I shrugged.

* * *

Was watching CNN while on break at work last night, and they actually had it going on two TVs right next to each other, one with sound on and the other with subtitles. Dr. Sanjay Gupta was on talking about abortion rights or something, and he said something along the lines of "they have those functions of the brain..." The subtitle came up: "THEY HAVE THOSE FUCKS OF THE BRAIN." Nice!

* * *

Watched a couple Bruce Lee flicks the other day, which turned out a bit less exciting than I'd hoped. Chinese Connection was especially disappointing in it's poor voice casting for the dubbed dialog. Everyone had disturbingly deep voices. It's bad enough you take out the trademark Bruce Lee shrieking fight yells, but do you really need an entire kung fu movie that sounds like every cast member is voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan? (A more accurate example, if you know who this is, is Geoffrey Holder, but you get the idea.)

Also...there was one little tidbit in the film that I didn't get. So...broadly, this film is about a conflict between a Chinese group and a Japanese group. Without getting too spoilery, it eventually comes to light that a couple of Japanese guys have infiltrated the Chinese group. The two imposters are talking in the kitchen, and Bruce Lee overhears them talking about their conspiratorial plans and busts in on them. One of them is shirtless, and the dramatic music cues while the camera zooms in on the shirtless man's bare nipple. Bruce Lee then says, "'re Japanese!"

So, this a thing? Can you tell the difference between Japanese men and Chinese men by their nipples? Lacking access to the movie's original soundtrack, I had surmised that maybe they were speaking in Japanese and that's how Bruce Lee knew what was what, and maybe the nipple-cam was just some unfortunate unrelated camerawork. Anyway. That was odd.
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