Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Physics is weird

So I was reading something on the Internet, and it pointed out that if you're zooming down the street going faster than the speed of sound, the people in front of you won't hear you coming. That gives me a mini-trip-out right there. In my mind, I extrapolated this to me flying an an awesomely fast fighter jet or something screaming through the sky at Mach 2. This means that someone in an awesomely faster fighter jet could sneak up behind me going at Mach 3 and I'd never hear them. Trippy!

* * *

In other science news, I had asparagus in my dinner tonight and now my pee smells funny. It reminded me of this pointless poll I wanted to throw out there, inspired by Ben Franklin's beloved "Fart Proudly" essay. Let's assume for the moment that science has created for us some pills that allow us to make our farts smell like whatever we want. What would you want your farts to smell like? I was thinking bacon.
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