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Tired and cranky today, so I jetted from work early while I still have the chance to do so. Plus, this happened tonight, which was all the buzz in town and kind of puts a damper on the mood overall. (Short version: an employee at the Taj got gunned down and killed at the casino today.) The Taj has a rep in town of being a pretty scummy place. I think that's the second shooting this year, plus remember that dude got stabbed to death last year because of a poker room argument. I dunno, man...bad times. I suppose it's not really fair to associate these incidents with the Taj's reputation. I mean...there's nothing particular to the Taj Mahal, I think, that makes it a magnet for violence. Still. Doesn't help, that's for sure. Note that they closed the table games shortly after the incident. That must have been awkward. "Sorry, we have to close these tables. One of our shift managers just got gunned down. Here, have a coupon for the buffet."

* * *

During a little break time at work, I saw on CNN that somebody, somewhere is pondering a Cheney-Limbaugh presidential ticket for 2012. Jesus Christ! Just the thought of it is somehow nightmarish to me. In that same segment, I also saw some poll results that said that Cheney had an approval rating of 35%. Now, at first, I was thinking, "Well, yeah, that sounds low enough to be right." But as I pondered it a bit...I realized that what that means is that one out of every three people think Cheney is a good thing for America. One out of three! Suddenly it seems like a lot. Like, really? Pick three random Americans, and one of them will be pro Dick Cheney? I dunno. Too much time in the echo chamber, maybe.

As an aside, Limbaugh's approval came to like 30%. Now...I'll be the first to admit that I don't know shit about politics, but what I do know is that you don't win elections by fielding people with approval ratings in the 30s. Or...maybe you do; what do I know. :)

* * *

Earlier today, a seagull was flying over the road right next to me and dropped a shellfish on the pavement. It cracked open, of course, and the gull dined on its tasty innards. I'm aware on an intellectual level that such things happen, of course, but I'd never actually seen the activity take place. That's pretty hardcore shit right there. I got to wondering about how these techniques get developed and passed on in the seagull world. Like...are they aware of the cause-and-effect of the situation? If a seagull was raised without the benefit of other seagulls around, could it still figure out that things hit the ground hard when dropped from a great height, and that that would be a good way to open clams? Is it just something that happened one time and the behavior was copied by other seagulls? Is it a behavioral instinct? Like...are they just naturally compelled to drop shellfish, and then they just become pleasantly aware that suddenly there's clam meat available to eat?

I'm not sure why I got so obsessed with that. I just sometimes get captivated by things that happen in nature, and I get to wondering about how much animals really think about what's going on. I guess it's not really an answerable question until we get some communication going, but whatever. Just idle thoughts. Also I wanted to be able to post about something other than a casino shooting, and that seemed like more or less better news. Well, not for the clam.
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