Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

I like simple things

Simple pleasures are always good, of course, but also I like simple practicalities. There's an episode of Family Guy where some of the guys go out to see a laser rock show at a science museum, and in the museum they go by a few exhibits. One of them is entitled "The Miracle of Electricity." It features an old geezer standing next to a lamp, and he switches the lamp on and off a few times with a pull-chain. There's no reaction from the audience, and he says, "What, you don't think this is amazing? When I saw this at the 1904 World's Fair, I nearly crapped my pants." Now...I don't have this same feeling about light switches, as I think of electricity more of a convenience. But I do feel that reaction whenever I turn on a tap of water. Water is one of our most basic necessities, and it's a wonder to me that I have delivered right to my house, on demand, fresh and clean and potable water. Ancient man would have laid to waste anything in his path to achieve such living conditions. And as an added luxury, I can get it in like any temperature, too! I hope to never take such a facility for granted. Water is awesome.

On the simple pleasures front...well, I was thinking a bit today about decadence. I don't really think I do anything much that people would consider decadent. I mean, hell, a guy who eschews furniture in favor of a bed-hole can't really be counted on to have luxurious living high up on his list, you know? But something I do that feels decadent to me is enjoying a nice, fatty piece of meat. Animal fat just trips off something exciting and primal in me. I had a massive dose tonight when I had some Chinese noodle soup for dinner that included roast pig and roast duck in it. It was glorious. A layer of fat sandwiched between a crunchy outer skin and chunk of succulent flesh. Oh, fatty meat, you are a magical culinary experience.

I've been on a noodle soup kick recently. I mean, I've always enjoyed such things, but lately I've just been craving it all the damn time. These days I vacillate between Chinese noodle soups and Vietnamese pho; I haven't had much truck with ramen since I left the West Coast. I mean...except for the instant kind, but occurrences of that in my life are pretty few and far between these days. But anyway. I enjoy noodles in general. Noodles are the food that allows chopsticks to actually make sense to me. (Well...noodles and chicken feet.) Even if I just make spaghetti, I still eat it with chopsticks. But I really enjoy noodle soups. I think I find the slurping satisfying. Also noodle is a neat word. It's fun to say. Noodle noodle noodle. Almost sounds sexual. Like "nude" and "cuddle," maybe? Also slang for brain.


* * *

On the entertainment front, I've taken a little bit of a detour. I was wrapping up the chunk of my queue devoted to luminifer, and one of the final installments there was a movie called BAADASSSSS!, which was Mario van Peebles' biopic about his father, Melvin van Peebles, and the making of the movie Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, the movie that spawned the blacksploitation genre. That movie brought me to another documentary, Baadasssss Cinema, which was about the blacksploitation genre in general, and that brought me to a documentary called The Art of Action: Martial Arts in Motion Picture, which was basically a history of Chinese martial arts films.

Well, that got me all fired up, and I was left with a sick craving for martial arts flicks. So I combed my queue and bumped all the martial arts movies to the top, plus I added a few more, just because I felt like it, and I also decided to revisit Bruce Lee films. It's really been way too long since I've watched any Bruce Lee movies, pointedly excluding those crappy Bruce Lee imitator flicks I picked up mistakenly a while back in a used DVD buying spree. But, yeah, I gotta have me some Bruce Lee soon.

This spree is actually bumping a separate themed block I was going to head into next. On the heels of the Video Game Movie Project, I was going to do a little mini-marathon of comic book movies. It wasn't really a "project," per se, in the sense that I wasn't going out and seeking comic book movies to watch. It's just that I was flipping through my queue and I noticed that I had a lot of comic book movies in there, so I decided to group them together and watch them close to each other. But, sorry, comic book get preempted by kung fu flicks.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes I think I don't get out enough, either. Rarely, but I do think it.

* * *

Many of you probably know who yph is. He used to use the same nick back in the IRC days, too. Back in the day, when I pretty much just lived on IRC, I used to amuse myself with pointless nicknaming, usually in ways that didn't make sense in a text environment. One of the things that didn't make sense in a text environment was sounding things out, and I used to refer to yph ponetically as "yiff." Well, I just learned on the Internet today that "yiff" apparently means something like furry erotica. Sorry, bad.

* * *

Today is my day off after the harrowing holiday weekend, during which I worked quite a lot. You may or may not be able to tell from this post, but I feel like I've gone a little bit nuts. This is further complicated by the perturbations in my schedule carrying over into this week, which is breaking up my downtime into uncomfortably small chunks. On the upside, I made a lot of extra scratch this weekend, which I'm sure will come in handy eventually. I expect my schedule (and, possibly, my thinking process) to return somewhat to normal after this coming weekend. Looking forward to it. :)

In the meantime, party on, everybody. Smell ya later!

[EDIT: You know what? Forget what I said about returning to normal soon. The Borgata Summer Open starts in a couple weeks. Argh!]
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