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I know when I go for such a block of time without blogging it seems like nothing interesting has been going on, but... Well, okay, nothing interesting has been going on. I've kinda lost the urge to talk about movies any more, ever since the Video Game Movie Project ended. If I'm in a "Project" right now, it would be the "Movies luminifer Mentioned Project." As I mentioned, I've been trying to group movies together so that they're somehow related, but beyond that I've also been trying to bump recommendations up to the top of the queue, mostly because if I just leave them laying around, I have no idea who recommended them to me or why, and I end up watching something incredibly strange and saying to myself the whole time, "Why the hell am I watching this?" So...yeah. At least now I can have a reason for watching something incredibly strange. Like the Dead or Alive trilogy from bizarre Japanese director Miike Takashi, which were brought up because of the DOA: Dead or Alive video game movie, but are in no way related to said video game movie. In any case, I sort of want to talk about them, but to me the stuff worth mentioning is the bizarre stuff, and I can't really get into that without spoilering the hell out of everything, so...I figured I'd just leave it alone. Also I put a few more anime titles under my belt: Paprika and the Paranoia Agent series, both lots of fun. So, whatever. Movies continue. :)

On the video game front, I recently finished up the quite excellent PS2 title Okami, which unstuck_in_time recommended to me like a million years ago. Only a little while ago did I find a used copy hanging around in my local GameStop, and it was actually a stroke of luck that I found it at all, since I wasn't really looking for it. I had gone back to return something else I had bought that didn't really work. Ordinarily I get GameCube titles. Nothing really solid behind that motivation, except that I just like the controller better -- it's a smoother interface for me. But I had picked up so much crap for the Cube lately that I turned my attention the PS2 section and...well, Okami. I don't really know what I can say about it. It's Japanese and strange, but not, like, strange, so that's fine. It's really playable, really fun, humorous, and exciting, it lasts a pretty good while, and it actually comes with decent motivation for replay, so I'll more likely than not give it another go after a while. Definitely going to take a break before replaying,'s a bit of a commitment to take that mother on.

* * *

The other day, I had this tremendous craving for Taco Bell. This isn't something that comes up very often for me, but...well, when it does, I try to do something about it. So I hauled out to my local Taco Bell and picked up a bunch of shit to take home. Then, what with one thing and another, I actually didn't end up eating it, so into the fridge it went. A bit later, I hauled it out again to eat. At this point, I made a rather serendipitous discovery. Apparently, if you get Taco Bell hard-shell tacos, keep them in the fridge for a few days, and then take them out and microwave them, they turn into something that actually somewhat resembles the tacos from Jack in the Box! I was pretty stoked about this, since coming back east cut off my supplies of Jack in the Box tacos. So anyway...yeah, there ya go. A little something for you Jack in the Box taco fans.

* * *

A few nights ago I was out doing my customary wandering, and I saw on the street corner that someone had dumped a banana peel. Whenever I see a discarded banana peel on the street, I always stop and wonder if people actually step on those and slip, generally to comedic conclusions? I mean...that trope had to get started somehow, right?

* * *

From this "Straight Dope" article: "...and a couple of cases have been reported of Taser darts sticking in somebody's eye." Dude. That is a bad day right there. Somehow, I just...I just couldn't shake the image from my mind. That is a Bad. Day.

* * *

From a recently sighted billboard in my neck of the woods: The Resorts casino is holding some kind of promotion where you can, and I quote directly: "Win a chance to party with Dan Aykroyd." Yeah? I mean...big party animal? Is Dan Aykroyd out there these days ripping up the taboid scene and I've just missed it or something? Something tells me he's not going to show up to this shindig dressed as Ray Stantz, so...

* * *

Tonight I took Momz out for dinner for our traditional "sometime close to Mother's Day" traditional dinner. We hit an Irish Pub and...well, ate too much food. It was pretty glorious. The menu offered something called a "beer-battered burger," which, after much vacillation, I figured I had to try. Now...all the menu really said was that it was served with fries. This may seem strange to some of you, and it certainly seems strange to me, now, with hindsight, but I had pictured something along the lines of fish 'n chips, except with burger meat. Turns It's not "fish 'n chips except with a burger." It's actually..."a burger, except the patty is battered like the fish in fish 'n chips." It was...incredibly strange. And, somehow, the fact that they put a battered, deep-fried burger patty on a bun, completely weirded me out. It was like...some kind of uncomfortable carb redundancy. there was that. I always told myself if I ever ended up in one of these Irish pub restaurants I was going to get the Guiness stew. I mean...come on...I'm not going to like something called "Guiness stew"? But, no, I just had to find out what a beer-batter burger was all about, and my friends...I paid the price. Next time...Guiness stew. Except! I saw that they also offer up a nice, solid, Irish breakfast. Shit, man...gotta get me some of that, too.
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