Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Fun with Netflix

Well, somehow I found myself going on a massive Netflix enqueueing spree tonight. Not in breadth, but in depth. Some time ago, I decided to check out a few Mystery Science Theater 3000 offerings, just because my previous exposure to that stuff has been embarrassingly light. I queued up several, and then I sprinkled them more or less evenly throughout my queue at the time, figuring every once in a while, I'd take a break from whatever I was going through at the time and I'd have an MST3K title show up. It's worked out more or less well, but these days I'm trying to manage my queue in some semblance of order, so the random sprinkling thing hasn't been cropping up so much lately. Anyway, what with one thing and another, tonight I just sat down and queued up every MST3K title I could find on the damn site, which, minus the ones I'd already seen or had already queued up, came out to a whopping 42 DVDs. Jesus! That's not even counting MST3K: The Movie. I...uh...doubt I'll watch them all in a row. Frankly, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with this block yet. We'll see how it shakes out. I did manage to watch the whole Buffy series in one uninterrupted go, so...I guess there's precedent. But still. That's a lot of bad movies.

Anyway. I've noted this before, but I'm growing increasingly pleased and amused with the new(-ish) well-defined, zeroed-in mini-categories Netflix is coming up with. My latest favorite: "Suspenseful Rogue-Cop Movies from the 1980s." It's not too much a stretch to hypothesize that this showed up because I recently queued up all five Dirty Harry movies.

ANYway. I shoulda done this a long time ago, but anybody want to be Netflix buddies with me? If you're not one of the three whole people already in my circle, and you're interested, drop me a line with the e-mail addy you want me to connect to. As always, if you don't have an addy for me, check my profile.
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