Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The world outside

I saw a couple of noteworthy things recently. One was last "night," actually about 2am, I was coming back home from the laundromat, and the route takes me past a local school. There, out in the yard, was a group of guys hanging out playing cricket! It was so...well, surprising. I definitely don't see or hear about a lot of cricket around these parts. And to wander past a game in progress in the schoolyard at 2am on a Wednesday, well...I dunno man. That's dedication right there.

The other thing was, I was out and about during the day a couple days ago, and I saw a cop writing a guy a ticket for panhandling. Really? I kinda breezed by the scene, so I don't know the whole story, but the ticketee was clearly upset about the whole thing. He kept arguing with the cop. As I walked by, the cop said this: "As long as you keep hanging out there, asking people for money, you're going to keep getting tickets." The guy was protesting, "I wasn't asking anyone for money..." and the conversation faded out of my hearing. So, seriously, this is how we're trying to squeeze blood from a stone now? We're fining beggars? I does that even work? Can you just roll up to the courthouse and hand the clerk a cup full of dirty nickels? I guess if you rack up enough unpaid tickets you can go to jail, right? But how do you track who has accumulated tickets, I mean if someone is homeless or has no ID. I mean...just what is the rationale for this? Is this really how publicly funded law enforcement operates? I mean...really?

I dunno, man. It's a crazy ol' world sometimes.
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