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Rob Abrazado

Where does the time go

Wow...been weeks since I've blogged anything. I don't know what happens, I just...fall out of the habit somehow. I find that as time goes on, I find myself less and less able to do things unless it's part of a routine. Sort of troubling, that. :)

Soooo. I don't have that much to recap, really. What I do have is a bunch of little notes I've scribbled down along and along, so what I'd really like to do with this post is kind of clean out the queue or so and try and start fresh again. Deal? Okay, let's see...

Well, this isn't in my notes, actually, but a couple weekends ago kawaiiryuko came down to my neck of the woods to visit for a day or so, so that was nice. We hung out, caught up a little, played a little poker (at which I lost, by the way), and generally had a chill time of it. We cleared out my fridge of the remainder of the beers that we actually bought last time he came down here, so that was a nice little bookend. Uh...and that was it, I guess. That's pretty much the last exciting thing that happened around these parts. :)

Twice in the last week or so, people have come up to me saying they had seen me a day or two previous, and upon further investigation it turned out that they hadn't seen me at all, since I wasn't where they thought I was. Both used the words "You have a twin running around." So this brings up a couple questions. Firstly, is it the same person both times, do you think? If so, does he get similar reports about me? (Less likely; I don't get out much.) Also, what is his intention? Those of you linked to my shadowy past know that I have (or am, depending on your point of view) a replica of myself floating around somewhere, thanks to the involvement of the Fortress. I've noticed my mark seems to be yet another replacement coming? The original? What's to be done? Whatever the case, surely it's not worth worrying about. Still...doppelgängers always serve to make one uneasy, don't they? Or is it just me? :)

There are a couple items from work. Let's start off with something from out in what we call the "front of the house," the place where the customers are, what y'all see when you hang out at a casino. Our poker tables all have those electronic automatic shuffler machines. By and large they do a good job, but once in a while they get cantankerous and need to be worked around. I was tapping into a table the other night to start my down, and the dealer in front of me warned me that the machine was acting up. No biggie. I started to deal the table, and sure enough, the machine was being ornery, but I can hold my own in the manual shuffling department, big deal. At some point, though, the machine crapped out completely and shut off, which is abnormal. But a player, who had just been coming back to the table and sitting down, said, "Oops, that was me. I think I kicked the plug out. Sorry." I assured him there was no problem, and we'd get someone to take care of it, but he said he'd do it, so...fine. He crawled under the table and was fiddling with the plug, and I guess he got it settled in again, because the machine came back on. This occurred simultaneously, though, with a shout coming out from under the table and the player jumping out and getting back up rather quickly, shaking his hand. Another player asked him, "What happened, you get shocked?" "Yeah, man!" the guy said, "Wow! Okay! Ready to play! HEY," he shouted to the receding cocktail waitress, "Cancel that Red Bull!" Heh. :) So...all you marathon players take note: slight electrocution apparently just as good as getting you back into the game as energy drinks. :) The best part of that story, though, is that after that little incident, the shuffle machine worked fine from then on. :) I kept wondering if maybe now that guy has Green Mile powers now...except, like, maybe just with machines or something. It could happen!

Okay, so let's move into the "back of the house," where all the employees disappear to when they're on break or not on shift. We have our own bathrooms back there; we're discouraged from using the same facilities that the customers do. Mostly these are basically the same as any public restrooms you'll find, but I've started taking some new routes into and out of the poker room these days, and as such I've found some alternate bathrooms along the way, some of them single-occupant rooms, if you will. It was in one of these where I saw some fantastic graffiti. Taking up maybe a third of the available wall space, someone had penciled in the giant message "STOP PUTTING BOOGERS ON THE WALL - USE A TISSUE," followed by an arrow pointing to an area of the wall next to the toilet which was, well, suspiciously stained and textured. (Off to the side of this missive, also with an arrow indicating the same area, was the addendum "dirty as hell.") I was happy to see people taking such an interest in their environment. Also heartening was that someone, possibly the original commenter, even, had taken the trouble to correct the spelling of the word "tissue." It even may have been corrected more than once, actually -- it was hard to tell. In any case, none of the attempts -- not the original nor the later versions -- were actually spelled correctly. At my viewing, what with the overwrites and whatnot, the final version came out looking something like "tisshuue." Awesome.

Stuff probably only of interest to poker players. <poker content>

Between last weekend and the weekend before that, our poker room's Bad Beat Jackpot hit an improbable three times over, like, seven days. That's just ridiculous, especially considering the qualifying hand is quad deuces. The first of this triple was hit on a night I was actually there and working, the first time I've had that happen in my career. The guy that dealt it is a work buddy of mine; I don't know exactly how he fared tip-wise, but I know he was carrying more to the cash-out window than I've ever seen any dealer carry there. Good on him. :) That's every dealer's dream, to deal that jackpot hand. I'm not holding my breath; in my whole career I've dealt a qualifying situation only once, and not only was it before our casino instituted a jackpot, it was also in a tournament, which wouldn't have won anything anyway. So it goes.

This next bit was just a notable hand that I dealt that I thought the poker players among you might enjoy. Every once in a while, somebody says, "You gotta love this game." It's one of those stock poker player clichés, and it generally is used in the same kind of context as, "Nice hand," as in, "Someone just fucking sucked out on me again." Sometimes, though, it just means, "Wow, something improbable and amazing just happened." This is such a hand.

This is a 2/5 NLHE game. It's a full ring, and the action is lively, but not out of control. Which is to say, what followed was not the norm for this game. On this particular hand, we saw seven-way action preflop for $90 apiece. (The buy-in here is a pretty standard $100-$500, so this is not an insignificant amount of action.) Included in these seven players seeing the flop is also a short stack who was all-in short for $80, I believe in the big blind. The flop comes AQT rainbow. It checks around, and the second-to-last guy to act jams it all in for just under $400. The next player, on the button, calls all-in short. It folds around, and then a third player also calls all-in short. The rest fold, and so we're on the flop with a four-way all-in. (I know none of you are dealers, but if you were, right now you'd be cringing with the thought of those side pots.) So here's what we've got: the guy who jammed initially is holding TT for bottom set. The caller behind him, the button, holds AK for top/top. The third caller is holding QQ for middle set. Wow! The turn and river come rag-rag, and I turn to the mess of chips in the middle to start divvying up sidepots.

However! This wouldn't even be that much of a story, except... Wait, wasn't there a fourth player? Oh yeah, that short stack who was all-in pre-flop. I had forgotten about, her, too, until she starts shouting, "Holy shit, I hit it!" I look at the board again...AQT54, all offsuit...she couldn't have rivered anybody...could she? She excitedly flips over her hand: trey-deuce suited. She calls all-in pre-flop with 23 suited, not only whiffs the flop but is up against two people with sets, and then she hits runner-runner for the wheel and scoop. You gotta love this game. :) The best part for me as dealer was that the way the hands and stacks were distributed, everybody got a piece. :) Well, everybody except the AK guy, but everyone else got some sidepot, so that was pretty funny. I also got tipped from multiple directions, which is always nice. And then another guy at the table, who wasn't even in the hand, tipped me just for dealing so much action. :) Hehe. Good times. :)

</poker content>

Not much extra to report on the entertainment front. I have, in fact, wrapped up the Video Game Movie Project, but the end is as yet unofficial, as I still owe a couple writeups, which should be forthcoming aaaany day now. During my research, I came across news that there is a third Mortal Kombat movie in the making, as well as a third BloodRayne movie. I honestly can't decide which of these I expect to suck worse.

In addition, unrelated to that, I also found that there seems to be a surprisingly large amount of ill-will toward Hudson Hawk. Dude, really? Am I alone here in digging Hudson Hawk? What the hell, man?

Oh, also, I saw this excellent movie called California Split. It's a Robert Altman film from the 70's starring Elliot Gould and George Segal. I originally saw it under the auspices of a review on a poker website somewhere, where they were saying it's one of those poker movies that never comes up. Although poker is a prominent feature in the movie, it's not really a "poker" movie, per se. But it is a wicked good gambling movie. It basically chronicles a brief time in the lives of two degenerate gamblers who meet each other in a card room and come to be quick friends. That's, uh...that's pretty much it, I guess. :) It's kind of the rise and fall of a gambling addict or two, and just makes a pretty good watch. At does for a gambler. I'd say it captures the tone pretty neatly. And what's weird about it, at least for me, is that it didn't feel dated. I mean...some things are definitely dated -- this thing was made in the mid-seventies, and hairstyles and stuff are a little different. But the tone of it, the could be...well, it could be any gamblers today. If you're at all interested, I recommend it.

By the by, it also features a very small appearance by one Jeff Goldblum. I also saw him put in an equally small appearance in Annie Hall, and he had a much more substantial part in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the one with Donald Sutherland. Now...I'm often surprised and pleased when I see actors I'm familiar with in the present crop up in movies I'm not familiar with from the past. It's really interesting to me to see how they're different, how they're the same, and kind of see people become stars. But...Jesus, how did Jeff Goldblum do it? In the 70s, the kid was all teeth. I'm serious, man. All. Teeth. It's a sight to behold.

Also I have somehow developed a man-crush on 70s Elliot Gould. I dunno...there's just something about him. I knew him, of course, from the MASH movie, but now that he's won me over with California Split, I kinda want to start checking out other stuff. I'm, uh...I'm going to start with this movie called S*P*Y*S, which is Gould/Sutherland, like MASH, but not Altman. I'm pretty sure no one cares about this movie, but, bizarrely, I can remember reading the novelization of it when I was in, like, I dunno, fifth grade? And it was funny, and now I like 70s Elliot Gould, so...

Yeah, I know. You gotta be asking yourselves why I bothered to explain any of that. can kiss my ass; it's my blog, dammit. :)

Aaaaand. With that, I think I'm crossing over the border into insanity, so I'm gonna wrap things up. :) Before I go, a couple links.

One is this xkcd comic. may be wasted effort to post that link, because to enjoy it, you would have to (a) be reading my blog, but (b) not already be reading xkcd, and (c) be enough of a programming nerd to find that strip funny. But I just felt like posting it because, and I'm not ashamed in the least to admit this, I laughed myself fucking sick over that strip. Even now I chuckle. It's something about the dude's attitudes in the third and fourth panels. I don't care what people say, Randall Munroe is an artistic genius. How in the world can he get stick figures to emote so well?! Most excellent.

Two, I don't need to explain. I just need to say Cthulhu Dogs!. Enjoy.

And...well, over the course of writing this post, my 'Net connection has dropped twice, so...I'm gonna call it a night. Peace, everybody!
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