Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Tax-related injury

Well, I finally put my last year's taxes to rest today, having received the last forms I needed in the mail and having transcribed all the numbers and junk from my scraps onto the necessary, government-approved scraps. I signed things, wrote checks, and got everything ready to send on its way. I slept in a little bit today, having worked last night, so by the time I got everything prepped and made copies, I was running really short on time to get everything down to the post office before it closed. It wasn't really necessary that I get everything shipped out today, but I just wanted to do it because...well, I'm pig-headed, and I got it in my head that I could get everything taken care of today, so I wanted to get everything taken care of today.

I took the Jitney down to as close to the post office as I could get, and by the time I hit the street, I only had a few minutes left before they closed the doors, so I jogged the rest of the way down there just to make sure I made it on time. I haven't talked about this in my entries, but I quit smoking earlier this week, so for the last several days I've basically been lost in a haze of withdrawal. I mention this now because today it felt really good to get my muscles going and pump my healing lungs full of fresh air. It was nice to feel my insides full of clean, essential molecules instead of the usual sensation I experience of what amounts to my mucus membranes being coated in a fine patina of dust and tar.

Anyway. I only bring that up because after that brief adventure in physical activity was over, I realized that, because I am a fat, lazy slob who gets no exercise, I managed to fuck up one of my legs. So I've spent much of the intervening time since then sitting at home on the computer and nursing an injured calf muscle. Oh, but I made it the post office on time, so that was nice; I was the last customer in before they locked the doors. 2008 taxes done and first quarter of 2009 taken care of. Nothing to worry about now in that department for a couple more months.

I celebrated my accomplishment by swinging by GameStop and picking up a few more used GameCube games. Hopefully that'll keep me occupied for a while to come now. At the moment, my couch is a giant mess of discarded tax paperwork and copies of forms. Eventually I gotta sort through all that crap and dispose of it. Until then, I'm basically zoning out and digesting my celebratory meal of Chinese takeout. Overall what I'm trying to get across here is that I did very little with my day today. :)

Peace! Smell ya later.
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