Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


So...y'all remember last year that Gary Gygax died? Gary Gygax is remembered as basically the founder of roleplaying games as we know them today. What's often overlooked is that his legacy, Dungeons & Dragons, was actually the product of a collaboration. History panned out in such a way that, even when D&D is remembered as a collaborative effort, it's generally thought of as created by "Gary Gygax know...that other guy." Well, that other guy is Dave Arneson, and reports started surfacing that he had passed away, finally succumbing to cancer.

There was a major problem with this story breaking, though. Namely, that it isn't true. That is, Arneson's not dead.

So I got to thinking...that's just got to be really uncomfortable, you know? Here you are, living in hospice care, battling cancer, basically just living out the rest of your life. And then...I start seeing reports on the Internet that you've died?! That's got to fuck up somebody's day, you know? And the speed at which reactions happen on the 'Net, you know you're going to start seeing condolences and memories and notes of appreciation. I mean..when you're a big-shot like Arneson, people who don't know you are going to be sad you died, you know? Just like Gygax. But are people who do know you. Maybe someone you used to see at conventions, back when you were healthy and out and about, but maybe you've lost touch with over the last little while, because...well, you know, there's been all this stuff going on, and what with one thing and another, you're just kind of busy...and you know how it is...

And anyway, now suddenly they think you're dead. And before word can get back to them that you're not dead, you've already seen a little eulogizing and stuff...and, I don't know...maybe some people try to get back in touch with you? "Oh, uh...ha ha...glad you're not dead after all. So, uh...been a while, huh? What's up?" "Oh, nothing, you know...just dying over here. But not quite done yet. Ha ha." "Ha ha." "..." "..."

Dude. Uncomfortable.

Just sayin'.
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