Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Love for life

I guess I should have come clean about this a while ago, but I kind of wanted it to be a surprise. The way things are shaping up, though, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to show this off for anyone who would appreciate it any time soon, so I figured I'd just as soon post about it so as to not scare anybody later on. :)

The story goes like this... Several weeks ago I was on one of my customary (yet totally infrequent) constitutionals along the Boardwalk, when I was struck with the overwhelming sensation that I was stuck in a rut. Not a bad rut, mind you...not really. Just a rut. I was thinking about how long I've been out in Jersey, and how far I've strayed from my original plans when I was first heading down here, and how there doesn't seem to be any kind of immediate end in sight. In a way, this kind of hearkens back to that "stability" I was talking about earlier when I was doing my taxes, how I'm doing all right and can probably continue to do so for some time. But this is the flip side of that coin, the kind of unrelenting sameness that can sneak up on you and before you know it, it's completely taken you over. I decided I needed some kind of change.

Now...I've mentioned before that there's very little to do in Atlantic City besides gamble. This is basically true. But it's not completely true. A.C. does offer its share of other diversions...just not very many. Most of these diversions can be found on the Boardwalk, by the way, which, you may recall, was where I was at the time. Since I'd already eaten a corn dog (as I tend to do when I hit the Boardwalk), and arcades aren't nearly the fun they were when I was a wee lad, that left precious little remaining in A.C.'s bag of tricks. The Ripley's museum was closed, so...assuming I didn't want to hire a hooker, that pretty much left getting a massage or a tattoo.

Well...I don't like massages, so...

Yeah. I got a tattoo. This is something I never thought I would do, frankly, but sometimes you just get tired of being the same old person. I have two things to say in my defense. One, I wasn't drunk. I know that'll be a big deal to some of you. :) Two, though, I didn't do it right then. Even through the semi-funk, I realized that this was not something I should really do on impulse, so I took some time to think about it. Also I wanted to see if I could design something myself. What I did do was check the place out, and they said that rather than pick something out of a book, I could bring them a design and they could work it out with me. They could even help me with it if I wanted to get something hard to design by one's self, like, say, a person's face. *cough*

So, anyway, a few days went by and I still felt like it was something I should do, so I went for it. In thinking about what I wanted to say to the world for, really, what amounts to the rest of my life, I was thinking that there's one thing I've been trying to bring to everyone, and that's love. Not cheesy love, but love love, that thing that brings us all together as people and makes us all part of the same world. Togetherness, man...I'm all about to togetherness. (Yeah, despite being a loner, I still want people to get along.) But, yeah, togetherness springs from love, and love is where it's at. And, of course, these days there's only one person I could choose to help me spread my message of love. So, now that everything's all nice and healed, I present to you...


I know the text is kind of hard to read, but the photo doesn't look good zoomed-in, and all the closeups frankly looked like crap, because you have to kind of stand back for the face effect to look decent. But anyway, on the top it says "Til Schweiger loves you," and on the bottom it says "and so do I." And I do!

So there ya go; I love you for free. :) Peace, everybody!
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