Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Death and taxes

Well, death.

Yesterday saw me entering that bizarre zone where, after I don't get enough sleep, I somehow just stop feeling sleepy altogether. Because of that, I stayed up extra-late last night reading (thanks, metalepticfit), and because of that, I slept in like mad today. By the time I actually got my ass in gear and then finished my rounds on the Internet, the day had pretty much already passed me by, so...I figured today was a good a day as any to try and tackle the ol' tax returns. So...I basically spent tonight filling out paperwork. Whee. Taxes annoy me. It's like the homework of adult life. And I always hated homework. Still do, I guess.

Anyway. So that's more or less done now. By more, I mean that I've basically filled in all the appropriate numbers and junk that I need, some on scrap paper, and some on the computer. By less, I mean that I actually am still missing a couple actual, physical forms, so I'm waiting for them to get delivered to me in the comfort of my own home. Probably in a week or so. So I'm waiting for that to happen, and then I'll just fill in all the forms nice and neat all at once and send the mothers off. And that will be that.

Doing taxes always gives me a chance to look over my old financial records. I noticed a troubling trend, too. I have a pathetically small number of data points for this, mind you, but it appears that in this job I'm steadily making less and less money. That's, uh, kind of upsetting. ;) Part of my tax homework is trying to project how this coming year is going to go, thanks to my propensity to pay quarterly taxes on my own rather than have shit withheld for me. So based on my predictions for this year, my declining rate of income is going to continue. Based on my first quarter predictions from last year, though, I'm going to assume that my first quarter predictions for this year are going to be wildly inaccurate. ;) We'll just have to see how that goes.

I think I'm going to try a couple different things this coming year. I've already started a new method of budgeting for the year, which I hope streamlines how I handle my money. I may further complicate things, though, by starting to pay taxes more steadily by increasing withholding. I actually don't want to do that, but it's a side-effect of correcting my reporting habits. I dunno, man. It's like every year I learn something fun and new about shit I'm doing wrong with my taxes. Fun.

Tangential to reviewing my records is thinking about my overall financial situation. I'm still in a lot of debt, which is sad. I'm basically keeping on top of payments and living expenses, though, so that's good. Basically...I think I've reached a point where I'm pretty much holding steady. "Holding steady," though, in this case, is a less attractive option than it sounds, since it pretty much means being in debt forever and having no savings. But I'm not past due on anything, I have a roof over my head and basic amenities, and at the end of the day a little pocket money, so...all in all, things could be a lot worse. I can live with this.
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